Monday, 4 May 2009

A trip to Yorkshire and some felt.

Sunday was a bit boring with no dog to walk, so at the bright and early start time of 3pm we decided to have a tootle out in the car.
Over the border into Yorkshire.

Never mind carbon emissions and global was pretty cold here despite the sunshine.
In Hebden Bridge we visited the Heart Gallery, when we eventually found it.

Had a drink and pricey but delicious cake in a beautiful organic cafe nearby, and sat next to a gang of shoutey posh people impressing the world with their stories of travel in Italy and visits to the opera. I watched the world go by outside the window and marveled at the colourful ensembles of the ladies of Hebden Bridge .

Its a very picturesque place.

Then we went to the small steep village of Heptonstall.
Had you heard of it?
I hadn't until last year.
What a wonderful surprise.
We parked the car and trudged up the steep cobbled road edged with 17th Century weavers' cottages.
Our efforts were rewarded at the top of the hill by the amazing ruined church.

It stands in a huge graveyard next to the newer Victorian church.
The gravestones are tightly packed and make interesting reading,

with lovely caligraphy and curlicues.

Its really worth a visit and I found a good website about Heptonstall here. I wish I'd read it before we went. If you want to see a 360 degree view click here.

They may have added a third even more lenient plaque by the time you get there.

'Dogs welcome'?

The 'grimness' of the grey stone houses is relieved by little flashes of colour.

But by gum it was cold.

Talking of colour...I have long wanted to combine my usual technique of stitched velvet, with felt,
so today I had a play.

If the felt is thick its more stable, but its harder to machine on.

These are only trial pieces,

and have no backs yet.

They may yet be brooches.

I will be stewarding at the exhibition in Lytham again on Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you are around near the Heritage Centre, do call in and say hello.
If I'm out, I am sure to be found in the cafe next door to the centre, behind a thick slab of their wonderful Frangipan tart, so come in a have a drink with me.
I'll diet next week.
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