Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hot cakes

Yes, I actually had to use that expression today as my felt brooches and little round brooches flew out of my Etsy shop like the proverbial.
I have a little pile of brown paper parcels waiting to be dispatched tomorrow.
I love how I can walk a few hundred yards to the Village PO and send a parcel to Australia, Canada, New Zealand .

I've been really excited this week to have found my brooches features in two other blogs, Hip and Handmade, and Craft Gossip. Thanks to stat counter for finding those.
A big thank you too to Lynsdey who puts in hours of work on Cuteable , and featured my brooches there.

This is one I didn't photograph because it was a bit different from the others.
(Now in my ETSY shop)

Its in a summery colour and its derived from an Indian Motif so I could call it 'Indian Summer', a name I have already used to describe this.
Please let me know what you think of this shape before I commit to doing a whole lot of Paisley shaped brooches in different colours.

Here's another one that didn't have its photograph taken because it got separated from the rest.

Its in a really pretty rose pink .

Do you remember, if you are as old as I am, those lovely big paintboxes we got as children?
My brother and I had some, sent by relatives, each with a picture of the Queen Elizabeth Liner arriving in New York, on the front.
I can still remember breathing in the smell as I opened the lid to reveal, beneath a piece of waxed paper, dozens of little squares of colours, with their poetic names written on the white enamel below them.
Vermillion, scarlet and crimson; lamp black, ochre, burnt sienna, raw umber,viridian, olive, flesh, and my favourite, rose.
Or was it rose madder?
Most puzzling ..Ivory Black.

Thats my response to the BBC exhortations to put a little poetry in my life.
Except for Listening to Poetry Please on the radio this afternoon and holding back the tears at the reading of extracts from 'A Shropshire Lad'

Speaking of black,ivory or lamp, its so difficult to photograph.
The overall effect of this piece should be deep, inky, midnight, but the light has made it look grey.The thread I've used is a variegated one called 'night sky.' Its a cuff with a heart brooch to match.

I was just looking back at all the lovely comments I had on my bloggiversary post and I'm sure I didn't manage to reply to everyone. I really appreciated every one of them.
Thank you.
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