Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Strictly speaking it wasn't a draw. I hope you'll forgive me for asking my totally disinterested completely impartial son to send me five numbers.
I counted from the top, I ignored my own comments and counted each commenter as one even if they left two comments.
The first number he sent belonged to 'Magpie's Mumblings'.
So you can choose anything from my previous post or from my ETSY shop. This little piece about 8 inches square and mounted on board is the first prize but you can choose anything if you don't want it.

Now for the other four winners who will all receive a little round brooch. You will have to contact me to tell me, with careful descriptions, which brooch you want. Its first come first served so be quick! Please remember they are VERY small.
The four winners are:
You can tell there hasn't been any cheating or 'fixing' because the postage is going to be quite pricey. If I'd fixed them they would all be UK winners.

Thank you all for taking part and I hope I hear from you again. I'm so sorry you can't all win.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you've left over the last year.

I had a major scare about two hours ago.
I was trying to copy and paste all your names into a spread sheet so that I could cut them up and have a proper draw. Google perceived this as spam and locked me out of my blog.
Coupled with that, I had been trying to be clever with a new bit of html knowledge which is a dangerous thing.
My son taught me how to do a strikethrough using the html code, but I left out a teeny weeny but absolutely vital little forward slash so every single word I've ever written on thsi blog had a line through it, and because I was locked out I couldn't fix it.
Fortunately he was able to log in for me and sort it, and I unplugged my internet cable and plugged it in again and hey presto!

You know that old bit of advice?
''Have you tried unplugging it?''
Don't knock it.
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