Friday, 15 May 2009

Back to Normal

But what is normal?

Whatever it is I'm feeling a lot more 'it' anyway.

It just suddenly happened one day, that I woke up a bit less gloomy a bit more focussed and wanting to clean, to sew, to get on with stuff.

The 'stuff' I got on with was the blog draw and thank you for all those great comments.
Such fun, too, to see lurkers and anonymouses (or should that be anonymice?) commenting. Lurker is such and unpleasant term and there's nothing wrong with reading and not commenting. I am just amazed that people want to read what I have to say.

UPDATE:The parcels have all gone to winners now.

The other stuff was the felt brooches which have excited me with their possibilities, and I've made load more and listed a few on etsy, as well as a few little round ones. I am waiting to sell a couple then I can just 'relist' because its sooooooo (Sorry Sesga!) tedious to list stuff one by one.
I've added a few more pictures to this post today . I sat up till 2 am trimming the linings and then had to photograph them today.

Its very difficult to get a sense of perspective on etsy..the felt brooches are big and wacky and bold and the 'little' ones are small and cute,and need affection, and they all look the same size on esty!
Here's a picture with a match for scale. Its just a bog standard short match.

What a coincidence that there was a programme on BBC 4 on Thursday night about Sylvia Plath and Heptonstall, and I've only just been. Did you see it?
Don't you love it when that happens?

I'm hoping for a day out on Wednesday if the weather's nice. Bodnant Gardens I think.

(If you read in google reader you may find a non post..ignore it.I made a nice comment on another blog and somehow it also appeared as a DDC post and I deleted it but be warned.
This was a nice comment.
If you drink a bottle of wine and decide to do a post about someone who's upset you and then in the cold light of day delete it....even deleted posts appear on Google reader.)
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