Wednesday, 24 September 2008


....did I spend my summer like the Grasshopper...flitting between blogs and generally spending most of the day enjoying myself playing?

Now the harsh reality of Christmas and Craft gallery commitments, and credit card repayments before interest comes into it have hit and I am an ant.
Too Late!
I am trying to do everything at once.

However I feel renewed after my hospital experience on Monday which yielded fascinating results.
I wish I could share.
I wish I'd had my camera.
It would definitely have made Explore front page on flickr.
Give your imagination free reign here.

Despite the fact that I began my life in blogland with some posts in which I made 200 pieces of silk paper, I find I still need more. For some reason I only have pink and blue left.

At the same time I am trying out some 'quick' things for etsy.
Fabric Gift tags.
Maybe 5 for three pounds, or six dollars.
I'm putting 'To' and 'From' and 'With Love' on the paper part. This is a prototype.
What do you think?

I am also working on these green knobs with the aid of an anglepoise lamp I am hoping they will become sufficiently open to arrange in church for a wedding on saturday.

There's a glimmer of hope.


maggik1 said...

It's great to know that someone else is having to be an 'ant' after a summer of 'messing about'!!! Why do we do it? Because that's what makes us fun to be around! You're a long time dead, as they say...

Lindsey said...

I'm still messing about... If I wasn't i wouldn't be reading this :o).
Love the tags btw

Swirlyarts said...

The tags are great and the price seems about right although you may be able to get a bit more for them. I'm no expert though!

Daisie said...

The tags are lovely and I'd shove the lilies in the airing cupboard (not that I have one but it was my Mum's cure all for anything that needed warming up)! It is quite sunny out there though, maybe a window will work too?


Chris Daly said...

I love the golds and greens. Perfect fall colors. Those tags are a great idea and I agree you may be able to get a bit more.

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I love your gift tags, great idea.x
I think most creative people day dream, mess about and then go mad trying to get all those boring jobs done! well I do!

Gina said...

Ha! I'm being a demented ant yet still procrastinating and messing about with blogs! Like the gift tags.

dottycookie said...

Those tags are lovely. And I never seem to stop messing about in time to do anything useful these days!

hens teeth said...

Tags are great and I think they will gut reaction is to machine stitch around the base fabric to frame the heart and paper. Also a eyelet for the hole...for what it's worth!
Good luck with the floral arrangements on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Truly love your sense of humor!!!! Am feeling a bit reformed grasshopper myself!
Your tags are wonderful!

Kitty said...

I'm afraid once I get on the computer, there is no end to my 'messing around' *blush*. I don't mean it to happen, it just does.

Love those tags! x

green phoenix said...

Not just me then, panicking about the Christmas deadlines?
unfortunately for me that means the end of October!
Hope you have a little more time.

Kim said...

I LOVE the gift tags, and your cute little doggies from the previous post :) I too wasted a lot of time and soon have an exhibition coming up and nothing to put in it!!! I'm a BAD girl!

Kim x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am playing catch up, too! Only problem is, it's so beautiful here now, all I want to really do is be outside with Edward!

I do love your tags!!

jennyflowerblue said...

Tags go-o-o-d Lillys....gorgeous. Silk paper yummy.....mucking around and letting things take their time....priceless! x

Lorie McCown said...

well, not to worry about explore, who knows how they pick photos..
I do know what you mean about upcoming holiday events, I've been scheduled for 3, and I'm worried about all of them. Once fall comes, I just want to read, eat and sleep..:-)

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Love the silk paper...the tag looks great too -- I'd put an eyelet around that hole to make it look cleaner. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The gift tags are a great idea and look so lovely too. As for the silk paper it's making my mouth drool.

As ever I'm wondering why I don't live near you - you're work is so inspiring.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.