Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lotus Eating.

We've been and are back again.
Did I fool you with my cleverly scheduled posts?
I know those with Google reader saw half of one at the wrong time so I'm not quite as clever as I thought I was.
I have been mentally composing blog posts about different aspects of holidaying in Greece, but I don't want to be an insufferable bore with my thousands of holiday snaps, so here's a summary for now.
Sunrise at Colonna Harbour in Rhodes

Nearing Symi on the Dodecanese seaways express


Lovely Greek Salads

and Symi Shrimps deep fried in Olive Oil to be eaten tail shell and all.

Picturesque beaches with tavernas, tamarisks trees and travellers on Donkeys,

On a boat trip around the Island...I did something brave..
I swam right into this dark cave.

We sailed into spectacular coves feeling like Odysseus, would we meet the Cyclops or Circe?
I certainly felt as if I had been a Lotus eater

and didn't want to leave.

An ever changing Symi 'still life' outside a house in our street there. Notice how the oil drum has been painted pink to match the house it belonged to.

Finally a lesson on how not to pack.
I took this as I emptied my extremely heavy suitcase.

On the left is all the stuff I took and didn't use.
On the right is all the stuff I used, and in the middle is stuff I took and used a little bit but could have done without.

I have returned to lots and lots of comments and I usually try to answer everyone but I know I won't manage it so I'll say thank you here.
My Google reader has over 400 unread items so I don't think I'll catch up there either.
My holiday has refreshed and recharged me. There may well be the occasional post about it in the future.
Can you bear it?
Its nice to travel and relax, but its good to be home.
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