Saturday, 6 September 2008


I'm restarting this post with the awarding of the award.
I have been reading lots of blogs and the whole purpose of these awards is to spread the blog reading around so I'm going to give it to the following blogs which I think are all very creative. Of course there are hundreds to choose from.
If you accept all you have to do is link back to my blog and then award it to 7 more.
green phoenix
fancy picnic
hens teeth
Of course you can completely ignore it if you like.
I am going to be very daring and add another. GingerSquirrel makes lovely little embroidered brooches. Have a look and say hello.

Its raining again.
I keep thinking of one of my favourite traditional English Songs, 'The Banks of the sweet Primeroses' (the version by June Tabor is my preferred one, you can listen to a bit of it on her website) which ends:

'There's many a dark and a cloudy morning
Turns out to be a bright sunshiny day'

But there's many a one that doesn't.

I am so looking forward the blue Aegean sky

and the blue Aegean sea.

But I'm sad that I'll miss a Felt Group Meeting.
A month to wait is such a long time.

In the meantime, I've been 'interviewed'..well to be more precise I was sent a list of questions by Linda Walsh which she has made into a really nice article on her blog She's put lots of pics of my work in it too. (Oh no not those again!)
She runs the Top Blogs by Crafters list extremely well. You move up and down when your stats change and don't have to wait weeks and weeks for things to be updated like another list I'm on that I won't mention.
Yes yes I know its only vanity but its good to know people are reading.
If you have the stat counter set up you can see where people are coming from.
Imagine my amazement when it led me to this possibly Russian blog. I don't know whether to be flattered or floored. Its nice when people like your work enough to want to blog about it, but it feels a bit creepy too.
I suppose a lot of people lurk and don't comment, and one even downloaded the picture of the back of my front door which I have now deleted because I'm thinking 'burglar'. (fyi 'Bill,' The alarm was just out of the picture) I'm hoping that downloading means just clicking on the picture to view it large.
If it was you please set my mind at rest.
Tell me it was a mistake.
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