Friday, 26 September 2008

Hearts and Flowers

When I was a part time primary school teacher doing 3 days a week in the local village school I had responsibility for Art, Science, and, as it was called then, CDT. We had a staff of three point six including the head, and I was the point six.
I went to Manchester University one day for a CDT course.
The lecturer was very inspiring but I can only remember his first name-Cyril.
He had two acronyms for us to remember...Mams and Dads. Make and Modify and Design and Develop.
So I've remembered them...
I Designed and developed the tag....and now I've made and modified them.
Have I overdone it?
Red hearts with gold elastic....

pink spirally things with black eyelet and silver elastic.

And the back.

Do you think people will pay money for them?
If you feel you might do, look at Folksy.

In the church which is above the aforementioned school , there is to be a wedding.
The bridesmaids will wear chocolate brown dresses with cream sashes.
Today I took the green knobs which had become white knobs and even one or two actual lillies, and added them to other flowers to decorate the church.

Here's a little arrangement which will go on the table where the register will be signed, which the groom will then put on his late father's grave.

I thoroughly enjoyed the task but it took me 6 hours.

I am not a professional Flower arranger and I dare say there are a lot of 'mistakes' here, but I was aiming for the style of flowers you would expect in a country village church.

Its a small Victorian Building of no great architectural merit, and was re-ordered about 15 years ago, but it has a lovely feel to it.(If you look very closely you can see the other things I did to decorate the church many years ago...the lectern fall and the banner)
It stands on a hill overlooking the village and the moors opposite.
At 800 feet above sea level we are the closest parishioners to heaven in the whole of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.
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