Thursday, 11 September 2008


Last week I watched the modern version of King Kong on TV.
There were some awful monsters in it, in the creepy crawly prehistoric forests.
They were scary.
But not as scary as what lurks under this old curtain in the spare room.


The beast.

Its a Singer 'Irish' Industrial Embroidery Machine which I acquired just after Christmas last year. It has a date stamped on it..1928.
Its very exciting and quite a rare beast.
It has a half inch wide zig zag possibility, and no feed dogs.
Imagine what I could do with this.

But I dare not switch it on.
It has a lamp

and a huge great control pedal
and somewhere decorative to put your other foot.

and a colossal ancient motor
which is why I dare not switch it on.

Not until its been serviced.

It took 4 of us to carry it up to the spare room, and a few days to recover.

I e-mailed Kate Wells about it and she said ''Whats the serial number? Its best if its 107w102''
I checked the Manual.

Lucky me..lucky find.
But still I dare not switch it on.

I spoke to Alice Kettle who uses them at Manchester Uni and she recommended a man who serviced their machines.
I phoned the man who was very helpful.

But he lives quite a way from me.

''Can you bring it here?'' he asked.
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