Monday, 7 July 2008


I always had a lot to thank arlee for and now I have even more.
She has been a constant source of enjoyment, inspiration and encouragement to me on flickr and it was she who first gave me the suggestion that I might blog. Her blog is wondefully energetic and honest and what she doesn't know about rust , tension, and flowers isn't worth knowing, not to mention her corruscating trousers.
She has shown me how to link.
LOOK LOOK Arlee I can link!
Thank you so much.

Before you showed me the way I was keeping a big sheet of the html stuff and pasting urls into it then cut and pasting...what an idiot and thats why my links weren't working properly.
(couldn't find a picture of a pillock which is my preferred description).
PS. Please don't forget to read
this post and this one which are both quite new and haven't had time to be read yet, and maybe even this one which has quite a bit of sewing and felt in it.
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