Friday, 25 July 2008

Return of the Good Wife

Against all the odds another deadline has been met.
By dint of working till 1am for a few nights I have submitted one older and two new pieces to another open exhibition.

Just more of the same really but on a slightly larger scale,
and called 'The Rhythm of Life' 1, 2 and 3. Competition is stiff and space is limited so I have no expectations.
They are recalling 50s and 60s patterns

and I thought the title was appropriate as life definitely has its rhythm.
One minute your house is immaculate and you can't imagine ever having to lift a finger again.
The next minute you have forgotten you owned clean clothes and think the stair carpet has a squiggle and dot pattern, and that you have mysteriously outgrown all the bath towels.

Next week....I said NEXT WEEK...we will have clean, ironed, and hung up clothes, and bath towels that will wrap all the way round. I will be able to get dressed in the morning without rummaging through the ironing pile. We will have a plain stair carpet, and I will be able to walk across what we euphemistically refer to as the 'Utility room' without my seven league boots.
We will have a lawn and not a prairie outside the back door. The complicated recycling will be in all its various bags.
The privet that was chopped off the hedge will be gathered and disposed of, and Willow will be re-acquainted with her lead.

My sewing room will be tidy. And all will be well just in time for our 31st wedding anniversary.
A Good Wife!
(And a good husband)

But I am starting some new projects. Dressmaking.. feltmaking...embellishing... Edit: I must make a sock monkey

Talking of felt. Do you remember this?
A person with impeccable tatse has bought it!
Thats the best compliment you can get.
So if you are reading, above person, Thank you so much.

And another thank you to all who read and leave comments here.
Its just fantastic -the friendships and contacts made through blogging.
Here are a few of my favourites.
This one always inspires me and makes me laugh, this one is full of beautiful things, and this one is lovely and supportive with much creativity, but won't do her homework!

More next time.
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