Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Blatant Advertising.

This is the first actual real useable handbag with embroidery that I made back in about 2000. I spent ages on the embroidery, its the same on both sides

and fastens with what I have learned to call a 'vintage' bead, and although its faded a bit worn, I used it on a number of occasions and I still like it. I went on to make lots more bags, large and small. I realised there was no need to cover the entire back in embroidery,
but there's always a little bit. I must have made and sold a hundred or so.
Its the embroidery part I enjoy, but when you are making a handbag for sale you have to pay attention to good quality construction.
Which is why I am not making any more like this. Too much construction and not enough fun.
The Hard Sell (Please look away if this offends)
I am reducing the price of all my remaining handbags from their original £35 - £40 (£50-£60 in certain galleries with commission) to £20. That $40 for American readers plus cost of postage. It sounds such a lot in dollars doesn't it? I can e-mail you extra pictures if you like andI take paypal.
Right, you can look again now.

Every bag is unique and is lightweight, pure silk with hand dyed silk velvet applique and fastening with either a roll of silk or a large bead, some vintage.

The bags are lined with an appropriate fabric and a little pocket is stitched into the inside big enough for a credit card, or bank notes. They are really 'special occasion ' bags as silk is a luxury fabric, not especially hardwearing, but look at the blue one..although its faded it still looks good.

These lemon ones are slimmer and would hold a few necessities such as a tissues, lipstick, phone, keys when you don't want a huge bag with you.
Lemon drops on the left is paler than the more golden swirly one.
The light has caught the swirls differently , thats what I love about velvet.
I've been awarded the Wild women award by paula. Thank you Paula I am honoured. I've seen lots of awards on lots of blogs and I think everyone has had them all by now so I am going to pass it on to anyone who would like it who has made a comment on my blog.
Thats how wild I am.
Not very.
But here are some nice blogs that I read. Caroline Inckle is in the North of Scotland
and does mysterious magical paintings and embroideries,
Julia is also in Scotland and does beautiful handstitched one offs, and Victoria and I share a love of all things 50s.
Later that night.....she corrected the spelling of blatant then....
Now I have a question. I was reading this and it reminded me of a blog post I read a few months ago. Someone went on a trip to New York and visited a wonderful ice cream parlour, and a shop called Tender Buttons, and I left a comment that when and if I ever had the wherewithall to visit NY City I would get back to them for an itenerary.
Who was it? If it was you please tell me! Its driving me mad.
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