Friday, 1 August 2008

Unlike Edith Piaf

I do have regrets.

Not serious ones but more 'What a daft thing to do..but move on' type of regrets.

2 years ago I sold this on ebay for a 'practice', 2 and a half metres of Heals fabric by designer Jyoti Bhomik that I found in a rag bag from someone who was having a chuck out>

How I wish I still had it.
Then I sold 2 of these on Ebay to make money..

They didn't make much.
More than I paid but not all that much. I'd bought them 5 years ago from the 50p box outside an antique shop...they weren't 50p and I had a bit of a 'do' with the owner who said they shouldn't have been in that box, and I ended up paying out £2.50 because I could see their potential.
And I really like them now.

Finally...on holiday on the (now) 'Mamma Mia' Island of Skopelos I bought this ring for a large amount of money (in my world anyway).

I saw it in the window surrounded by its beautiful companions..'Come in come in' the proprieter said. 'Try Try'

I said it was too expensive, she said 'I make you better price'.
I said 'Its too big for my small hands'

she said 'No I wear hands are small'

On our last evening having passed by many times, I went in determined to buy. 'Better price' was struck. Credit card was shown..distressed look on owners face. Visa charge so profits eroded even more...I should have stopped there, but no ..I remembered how difficult it had been to track down a ring I didn't buy on holiday before so I bought it.

As soon as I got home I realised what a mistake I'd made. It just doesn't suit my hands, my fingers had been hot and bigger in Greece so its actually too big, and as its Greek it doesn't have any hallmarks except 75% (which means its 18 carat gold) so I can't sell it.

I still think its beautiful but not on me.

Talking of beautiful I came across this on flickr. I'm in love. I urge you to have look through her photostream. I've never seen such fabulous cakes. Its a good job there's an ocean between us.

Not the best food for a type 2 diabetic. Another regret..and a warning: exercise more and eat less. (If you don't already)

I do now but its too late.

PS This post is not meant to be sad (See comments) just a list of lessons learnt! Thank you lovely daisie for your kind words.

Here's another blog link for you Kayla coo has been a flickr contact for a long time and now has a lovely blog and I am also indebted to Elaine at red thread studios who gave me a real boost on her blog recently, with this nice article.

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