Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Natural and not natural.

Yetserday we had a meeting of the felt group where we reviewed the results of the natural dyeing day in July.
It was made possible by Fiona who spent hours boiling up noxious -but natural-substances in order that we could dye our wools, silks, felts, and threads.

Fiona's, shibori and with fabulous stitching,

Elaine's threads and fabrics,

Christina's wonderful academic record,

my own haphazard selection,

and Lesley's beautiful laminated scarf.

Here they are all together.

Lovely natural subtle shades.

Like these, wild flowers in the field I walk.
They've grown high now, its late summer but it doesn't feel as though we are in August.

Here's the next field.
In the far corner over to the right is a beautiful cottage that was coveted by many and has just changed hands.
Some lucky person with a lot of money is now in this 'Country Living' dream home.

And just look how its been improved, with a feature quite probably visible from outer space.

They've also chopped down half the trees along a very old and beautiful wall.
Oh well. Never mind. I can always walk the other way.
Now talking of gardens....
TA daaa!
A nasturtium at last.
The height, the pinnacle the very zenith of my gardening for this year.

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