Saturday, 23 August 2008

A Little Project and a Giveaway.

A little gentle easing back into sewing was this small project. A little card to welcome a new baby.
Because it was for a friend of a friend I have done my best airbrushing over the name which was pink, so they won't recognise it if they happen to see my blog. I'm sure they won't but you never know.

After my last post I was so touched by all the lovely comments and e-mails exhorting me to cheer up that I felt better immediately. Thank you everyone. As a little extra 'Thank you' and to belatedly celebrate my half century of blog posts I am giving away this Celtic Brooch.

I'll have a draw next weekend so if you are interested leave me a comment and I'll put your name in. (Even if you have been a lurker hitherto..come on!)

Meanwhile I am searching for a holiday.
Flights to The Greek Islands seem to have been booked up, unless we want to pay about £1000, or go to a very busy place.
We will have to wait till next year.
In the meantimewe are looking in the UK, possibly in Cornwall, but I'm not fussy, overlooking a nice little sandy cove, within reasonable reach of good restaurants, at a realistic price, after 4th and before 25th September.
Any ideas?
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