Sunday, 6 July 2008

This is...My most precious childhood possession.

Last week in a mad moment I came across a few bloggers playing a 'This is' game. I liked this one so I said I would join in.
I've been out all day and had forgotten all about it until I saw Julias version.
So here he is

No matter which way you look at him

he's in a bad way.

Its because 50 odd years ago when he was a lad, he used to get many a bath, and then he would get put through the mangle and hung out to dry like this. (Reconstruction)

So his nose is bit flat.

The theme was thought up by teacupsontreetops and the 'this is' game by three buttons.

Now, this is an edited version of the original post using my super duper newly accquired link-making knowledge so it might look a bit different if this is your second read of it.

What I really wanted to do today was to tell you about Mor Karbasi, but you'll have to click the link to her. My video won't upload . (Update: I've done it now, next post)

We went to Glasson festival and she was on at the afternoon concert and I spent all afternoon with tears rolling down my cheeks at the beauty of her voice.
Same thing happened in church this morning when we had a visit from the Ubangane Choir from Kwazulu natal. Just schoolchildren but they sang like angels.
What a lovely day apart from the weather. Rain...for a change.
Oh and I am really missing Porky and Blodwen.

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