Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A Little Maggik in our lives.

I would like to introduce a new blog which has arrived in the blogisphere this morning. Its very young and I am expecting great things from Margaret. I know she would welcome a comment or two to get her started.
Talking of comments, I have never had so many 'Happy Birthdays', thank you all so much. I suppose I fished for them by announcing it but I didn't mean to, it was more in the way of news really. And the 'This is ' game.
I am working on something at the moment that is not coming along very well so here isn't a picture of it, this is just an old bit I did last year on a book cover. Its already been on flickr and now I'm 57 I can't be expected to remember if its been blogged before so I apologise if you're sick of the sight of it.
Even though Margaret gave me a lovely lunch, scones, and strawberries, she still presented me with these delicious palest pink roses for helping her with the blog.
A touch of Magic.
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