Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Roobarb and Gaydon

Look who just came through my letter box..well not actually through the letterbox but you know what I mean.
Its Roobarb!
He's here and I am delighted with him and feel guilty having won the giveaway so easily.

He's just reclining against a packet of biscuits recovering from the trauma of having gone to bed in Soggibottom and woken up in Lancashire.
He looks a little wistful if not traumatised by being woken up with many hugs .

Thank you so much Michelle.
I am sorry he won't have as beautiful a garden here to romp in but I'll show him your blog from time to time so he knows what you're up to.
I can't tell you how much I admire the work you did to create him.
How are your wrists?
I get aches and pains just using my laptop scroll pad.

I thought I'd show you this beauty.

I had two aunts who worked at the Melamine factory years ago so we acquired quite a bit of it, including this never used cake stand.

Its even still in the box.
I think the name would be different today!
I've put this on the well known auction site.
De cluttering..but its hard to part with.

I used to hate the stuff.
When we went on picnics as children just think how handy the unbreakable Gaydon mugs were for drinking tea from the flask.
But not for me.
I refused to put a plastic cup near my lips.
Especially one that was cherry red or olive green inside and out. There was just something about the way the liquid condensed on the plastic that made me cringe.
Even at such a tender age I insisted my mum had to pack a china cup for me.
Sorry Mum.


Jude said...

Ah, yes, my mum had a whole set of Gaydon teacups and saucers in different colours but all the insides were white...so every week she'd bleach them, disgusting!! The taste is with me still!

Art4Sol said...

Love the bear...a real cutie. I've always felt that way about plastic too and those brightly colored aluminum glasses. I always cringed drinking from them.

Heather said...

Roobarb looks very laid back in your photo and I think he'll be a nice restful companion. I remember Gaydon - we had a pale green tea set. I know what you mean about drinking from plastic - it was tough but the novelty soon wore off and the cups stained very easily.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What a dear little bear. I cant drink from plastic cups either, I'd rather go without.

Robyn said...

Roobarb is the cutest quirky bear! Well done for winning the giveaway. Lucky you!

Linda said...

What a cuddly little bear - lucky you!
Melamine dishes and cups remind me of our caravanning days....aaahh.
Linda x

Lyn said...

Oh he's a cutie!
I also won a giveaway and feel guilty at having won, I must put it right and make up some things to giveaway myself-clear my conscience!

Julie said...

I remember Gaydon too, in fact I think Mum may well have some in a cupboard somewhere. Roobarb is gorgeous :-) Well done for winning him.

I'm with you with the sore hands. I have to wear wrist/hand supports on the laptop.

Steffi said...

Cute bear!He is so beautiful!

Menopausal musing said...

Give that bear a hug from me. Isn't he gorgeous? (and I am not usually a bear person).Were melalmine cakestands from the same era as brushed nylon sheets? I couldnt stand the things (nylon sheets, that is!).x

Dolores said...

Roobarb looks pooped. I do hope he isn't too out-of-sorts to have left home. Lucky you.

kay susan said...

I'm with you on the melamine Jackie - there's nothing like a seasoning of warm plastic added to a drink is there? Do you remember the quilted nylon bedspreads in lurid hot pink with the floor length frill that went with the brushed nylon sheets (Brentford Nylons!)?

cocoa and blankets said...

Oh what a lovely little bear...he's fab...I wore my harris tweed heart today and my best friend was green with envy ...i got lots and lots of compliments...the red one is coming out with me tomorrow ...I think I will have to buy some more...you can see it on my latest post

karen said...

I only drink from a china cup too, at home anyway.It tastes so much nicer.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the teddy he is Soooooo Cute Congrats on wining him .
You must have been a right little princess insisting on China cups LOL!!
That's the kind of thing I would have done as a child .
Love from sesga xx

soggibottom said...

I only have a dog dish to drink out of here at Soggibottom......Seems you are a high class lot!

Amie Soto Blossom x x x

Soggibottom's dog and best friend.

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