Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The best laid plans

The weekend went well. I am exhausted .
We prepared the room for two guests.
Our guest came alone.
He was very charming.

I had dusted all the places I could reach.
Our guest was about 6 foot eight.

I offered a choice for breakfast: smoked salmon, free range eggs, ham, bacon, walnut bread, wholemeal multigrain bread, organic cereal, Crunchy nut cornflakes, weetabix, orange juice, apple juice, plain organic yoghurt, low fat fruit yoghurt, creamy fruit yoghurt, apricots, oranges, melon, strawberries, jam, marmalade,real butter..
Our guest ate: cornflakes and toast.

I made a chocolate cake.
Our guest did not eat it, but its not there now.
(Now I’m not Goldilocks..I’m Alice..’Curiouser and curiouser’..but it did say ‘EAT ME’)

I worked hard to prepare a feltmaking workshop for 12 people for two sessions.

I had 4 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon.

I made many Celtic Brooches and hairslides, in preparation for hordes of folkies passing through. There was Morris dancing outside so very few passed through.
I did sell some.
However we had a super day out yesterday. A visit to Gustav Klimt at The Tate Liverpool
A fantastic gallery with great exhibitions and a wonderful cafe where they do the most amazing rhubarb cheesecake .(Not Alice or Goldilocks...Mr Greedy now)
We had our lovely friend Denise with us. She mentioned
Another Place
The Anthony Gormley works on the beach at Crosby.
She had never seen them so we decided to visit that on the way home.

It was absolutely wonderful to walk on the beach and feel the wind and be by the sea, even though it is partly industrial. It must have been the best weather so far this summer.
There are beautiful houses on the road overlooking the sea so we ooohhed and aahhed and decide which one we would like to live in.
One had belonged to the Captain of the Titanic.

The figures on the beach are enigmatic.....and naked

(This is number 88)

but some visitors feel the need to preserve their modesty or enhance them in different ways.
as illustrated by number 86.

And now I'm home alone I have to tidy up again. You can't get down the hall for boxes and bags and......


Jackie K. said...

Ah! I'm jealous!! I'd love the chance to see 'Another Place'!!

Julie said...

Breakfast at your house sounds lovely!!!!!!

Sorry your weekend did not turn out as planned, wish I could have made up the numbers in your felt workshop..!

I lived my first 11 years in Liverpool and we used to go to Crosby beach all the time, what a blast from the past......X

Victoria said...

What a great post!

You made me laugh,
evoked my sympathy,
and wowed me with cool art!

And I will tell you this... If I were ever a guest in your home and you offered me such a delightful array of foods to choose from, I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven!!

I am salivating just thinking about the feast that man could have had!

Carol said...

Makes me hungry reading your choice of breakfasts, hoping to get to see the Klimt exhibition in a few weeks, and so glad you mentioned the Anthony Gormly staues, I wonder if its an easy detour on the way home to North Wales :)

arlee said...

Choice, schmoice--if you'd offered me, i'd simply have said "yes" :}

Isn't that always the way with guests and students----too many or too few.

herhimnbryn said...

Still, you had all those gorgeous items for your own breakfasts instead!

Like the red t shirt on the Gormley man!

Robyn said...

I will come for breakfast!!! And I would love to join the felt workshop. Wish I could see the Klimt exhibition!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to your to stay just for the breakfast. Your the hostess with the most-est!!!!
I Love Gustave Klimt I bet that is an amazing exhibition.
I wish I could come to your class!
Love from sesga xx

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