Friday, 27 June 2008

Feeling like Goldilocks

Whose house is this? I don't recognise it.
You can see the table top and the floor is clean...

There's cake..
and there are no boxes or carrier bags full of wool and felt, or piles of magazines or tins of paint, or baskets of washing in the hall.
The spare room is all ready for guests.
Fresh towels in the bathroom folded so nicely it reminds me of 'Sleeping with the Enemy'. But Just a minute whats this in the spare room?
Boxes and bags with 'goods' in them.
Junk that looks like it came out from under someones bed..
and in the next bedroom, chaotic activity at the sewing machine.
Yes, its my house. Ready for guests and a Craft Fair.
Feast your eyes on the tidy scenes, they are rare.

My husband was very helpful. He went shopping. I asked him to get me one of these.

This is what he brought.
He is a little hard of hearing.

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