Wednesday 18 June 2008

Reflected Glory

Enough of my work for a while.
I would like to tell you about my husband since he appeared in the previous post.

There are not many photos so you will have to click on all the coloured links to see more pictures.
He was busy earlier this year helping with the restoration of The Midland Hotel, Morecambe, to its former glory.
Reflected glory
Its an Art Deco hotel which has been restored by Urban Splash, with painted decorations by Eric Gill
These have been carefully restored by my husband.
He worked on the Ceiling Roundel at the top of the stairs laying tiny flakes of paint and retouching miniscule losses and when he had finished it looked like this
Then he had to make a painting, which was on a wall, safe before he moved the wall! (He’s done it before)
Its a relief map of Morecambe Bay with illustrations of the surrounding area.
Now its back to its original splendour and looks like this
There has been much publicity about the long awaited opening of the hotel and it was even on The Culture Show. Its hoped the Hotel will save the town from its decline.
When people hear what my husband does for a living they say ‘Oooh you must be very patient’,
He is. He gets a lot of practice. He’s lived with me for 31 years.


Chris Daly said...

How wonderful to have a job like that where you can walk in the shoes of other artists. His work in just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

What A wondefully creative pair you both are!!! Will add your new daisy find to my blog and had incorrect web address for the daisy on my blog, but all fixed now if you want to check it out!!x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful building I love art deco Its so stylish your husband has done an amazing job restoring the art work ,how nice it must be to have a Artistic husband especially with you being an artist too .
If I ever! come to Morcombe I shall have to visit this Hotel.
thanks for sharing love from sesga xx

Ahipara Girl said...

I would have loved to have visited your stall. So many wonderful textile creations. The colours blow my mind. And a husband who is also in the biz - how lucky are you!

hens teeth said...

Jackie....WOW......I only watched this on the Culture Show the other night. Fascinating. What a wonderful thing that your husband has done this ~ Eric Gill ~ a master. You must be so proud of him.....congratulations.

green phoenix said...

Hi Jackie,

Glad to meet you!
I love your embroidery, it is so beautiful.


ArtPropelled said...

Wow beautiful work! Love the Eric Gill paintings. It must have been amazing for your husband to help with restoration.

Victoria said...

What a beautiful building and privilege, (plus talent!) to have helped restore it to its glory!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful building. Do you think it appeared in any of teh Hercule Poirot segments? My husband and I always marvel at the wonderful period buildings they find for filming HP.
And your husband must be quite proud of his work!

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