Monday 23 June 2008

Musings of a domestic slobbess.

Isn’t it amazing how you can go for weeks with not much in particular happening and then a whole lot of things you want to do happen over the same few days?

For instance this weekend is the Traditions Folk Festival near here. On Sunday I am having a stall and doing two feltmaking workshops at the festival during the day.

Thats good. And I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve made a few more brooches and some hair barrettes that I thought might appeal to Traditional Music Festival goers.

Celtic brooches

When I go to a craft fair/workshop I sew up to the last minute then leave the house looking as if its been burgled. After the event I have a good tidy and clean.

But this weekend we are providing accommodation for two of the festival artistes, so I have to clean the house, and get ready for the event at the same time.

On Friday during the day its the last meeting of my embroidery group till September so I was hoping to go to that.

On Friday and Saturday its Woolfest

I could do with some wool tops for the felt workshop. I was wondering which day I could hope to go(..its about 2 hours drive so I don't think I can go on Saturday because of our guests..) when I received an invitation to an exhibition at a local college from 6.30-8.30, yes on Friday, with a personal note from the teacher hoping I could make it this year. (I couldn’t last year)

A lovely lady in our parish died last week and the priest rang today to say that the funeral is on Friday and I promised to do the flowers in the church, collecting them from the supplier on Wednesday, and arranging them Thursday, so it looks like the cleaning has been brought forward!

And when I say cleaning I don't just mean a quick flick of a duster, but moving beds, re-arranging the ‘spare room’, washing sheets, towels, rugs and throws which have been sadly neglected during the run up to the previous craft fair and left ‘till nearer the time’ of this one.

You know its bad when the dog refuses to get in her own bed till its been changed.

And when we emptied the junk from the cupboard space under what was my son’s bed so we could move it, I noticed this lovely and very appropriate box for my Celtic wares. It was empty. Now its mine.

You can probably tell from this.. the hoarding gene has been passed on to the next generation.

Why do some pictures load the wrong way round?

Please tilt your head when viewing the above.


Julie said...

How I wish I lived near you....I would love to come to your feltmaking workshop!!! Have fun at the festival, good luck with your stall and workshops..X

arlee said...

mmm, a box of delicious textiley biscuity broochy gooodness!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your description of everything falling at the same time had me rolling on the floor! I have been there; done that! As for the housekeeping, I believe that the longer you put it off, the fewer times you will have done it during your life (and done something ever so much better instead!). Therefore you will have managed your time entirely correctly. After all, who wants a headstone that reads, "Her house was immaculate"? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Will you be selling any hairclips on Etsy?

Genie said...

Beautiful work, Hope the Festival went well? need a Instant travel Time machine so i could come to the festival and be back home in time for tea

Beate Knappe said...

just wonderful, your art and your storys :-))

Kitty said...

Hello Jackie - thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting. My goodness, I've had such a lovely time looking at your work. Wow! There are some fabulous things here - I admire your talent.

I hope you don't mind if I come back again? :-)

Victoria said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work!
Also, the only time my house ever really gets a super good cleaning is when company comes!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers!! what beautiful work! them Celtic brooches are amazing !I'm a Celt, and I love them.

I hate all the cleaning when people come to stay It means cleaning and tidying all the things they could! stumble upon that you normally choose ignore ,Like airing cupboard under beds etc etc etc .
Any way good luck you will do very well your work is outstanding ! beautiful ,Trendy ,colorful ,stunning could go on and on and on .
love from sesga xx

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right it is next to ffestiniog railway.
whats the green pheonix?

green phoenix said...

Jackie, your work looks lovely, whata busy weekend you've got!
Hope it alla goes well.
I'm SO glad someone knows what I'm talking about, us Northeners know what's what don't we?Sugarstealers they are!

I live in Cheshire now but it was Lancashire when I was little.

Poppy said...

I love these! How beautiful, I wish I could touch them! I really enjoy reading your blog beautiful photos!

Jill in Florida

Cindibee said...

Always beautiful! Especially the green circle brooch... I love green, and that design is just my taste as well!

Anonymous said...

Love that box of broaches and hair clips, they're all gorgeous.

Lorie McCown said...

so cute, and I love all the celtic stuff! the hair clips! Adorable.

Ro Bruhn said...

This is such a familiar tale, it never rains but it pours. I regularly have that happen, it's amazing how we manage to fit it all in though. I love your brooches, you should do very well. Good luck.

jude said...

gosh you wore me out with this one. busy busy busy! that is the way it seems to happen...

Pat said...

Jackie, Your textile art always looks so pretty and is wonderfully made...I hope you have a successful weekend. As for all that cleaning...well...I suppose we must do it occasionally but it certainly isn't as much fun as going to my computer and looking up people like you. Pat at birdnestontheground

Wabbit said...

"A Domestic Slobbess" describes me perfectly! I've gone one step further and just stopped inviting (or allowing!) anyone into the house except two good friends, the sorts who won't spread nasty truths about my housekeeping or ask why the dining room table is covered with sewing gear.

You are so funny, Jackie. Your narrative had me wondering what would schedule itself upon you next!

Judith Coyle said...

What stunning pictures you have on your blog. I have just stumbled acroos it while researching the Midland Hotel.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.