Thursday 5 June 2008

Separation Anxiety. Thoughts on selling.

As my biggest selling event of the summer approaches I have had some thoughts on selling.
Some items you make to sell
Seascape Brooches
like these seascape brooches last summer, or these bags now with new owners,(I have more!)
or a small Celtic panel which long ago went to a new home.
And you are happy when you have sold them.

Other items you make, and you like them and want to keep them, especially when they are the 'First' of a new series,
Fifties Flashback
and although you have people who want to buy, no amount of persuasion will make you part with them.

There are others you don't really think about, put a high price on them, and in the blink of an eye, they've gone. (Apologies for showing this yet again, but it fits here)

Byzantium: a work in progress.
And thats Ok. Its good in fact.
Except that 'data protection' won't tell you who bought it!

But there are those you made and sold without thinking
Clonmacnoise Green
like this mostly hand stitched Celtic Panel,which was the one out of all the 15 I made that I liked best;
or this Fifties style piece. Again, I made a lot, but this was my favourite.
Textile Art. Inspired by 50s fabrics
Even though you sold them to lovely appreciative people,and you know they will treasure them, you really wish you hadn’t.
Of course,there are also things you make to sell..and you just can't shift them at any price!


Gina said...

I can identify with this post so much! Unfortunately I often have things to sell that won't shift! :) Others I'm sad to see go and of course one or two bits I'll never part with!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been lucky enough to snap up one of your pieces which gives me pleasure every single day can I just say - keep selling! I feel that you made it just for me and my living room. I find it difficult to part with the 'first' one of a kind that I make - after that I can give them away to friends and family. I hope one day to be able to sell something - you're my inspiration!

Pat said...

Well, I am happy to hear that your lapton is back. Maybe not to your satisfaction, but back, nonetheless. I continue to be amazed at your work!! It is breathtakingly beautiful, so thanks for showing it to us. As for the selling dilemma, I haven't sold much, but am trying. I think I share your thoughts on the subject. But, here, I am trying to sell some of my things so that, at the end, my daughter won't look at all my stuff and say "What was she thinking?" We'll see what happens...and some of it I'll miss..some I won't. You take care and thanks, again, for sharing these great photos of your work!! Pat at birdnestontheground

Wabbit said...

I can identify with your feelings about selling. I had precisely the same problems when I was a weaver and selling my work. One day, I decided not to sell my work anymore and that took care of the problem but left me wondering from whence my next cone of yarn was coming! I've realized that I'm happier just doing what I please and not having any deadlines. I hope you find your way through the sale riddle too without having to get a real job as I had to do! It makes for so much less creative time and, selfishly, I'd miss out on future purchases.

Julia said...

I can relate to this.when you put your art out into the world,in a strange way ,it's nice to know it's gone to a good home ;-)
There are a few things I've sold to unknown buyers and I think about those more than anything else I've sold because of the mystery (and not just because it might be good to have them on a customer mailing list!)

Victoria said...

My goodness, do you speak the truth! I relate 100% to everything you have said!

Good luck, (not that you need it!) on your upcoming show! Your work is so utterly beautiful, I would love to see it in person!

Mary Stanley said...

Just wanted to say..Thank you for showing us your beautiful work!!! Great photos, by the way....and I relate to the selling part too...but if when I'm making something with the intention of selling it, then I don't miss it. I am now getting better at hanging onto things that I really like, even if someone wants to buy I and learn!

Ro Bruhn said...

I too know that feeling, some of my jewellery and paintings I'm happy to part with, others, not so, they become a part of you. By the way, I love all the work you have in this post and could understand if you didn't want to sell any of it.

Anonymous said...

I dint blame you having separation anxiety ,they are all stunning . love from sesga xx

Toni Curtis said...

Oh Mi Gosh!!! This is the most beautiful fiber art I've ever seen. Absolutely wonderful pieces. I must add you to my absolute favorites. Toni

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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