Sunday, 15 March 2009

goodies from 'Abroad'

Look what came in the post last week.
Such a wonderful package even before I opened it. I only know about brown parcels.Didn't know you could get gorgeous bright ones like this.
A look at the label gave me a clue

Inside it was stuffed with lovely papers,

and an Arlee Original

Some fantastically soft copper foil

and gorgeous silver paper

There was also a huge bundle of velvets and some paper that looked like tea bag paper but I'm sure it can't be.
I approach it with timidity as I am not such an experimenter as arlee..the noted 'Mad Textile Scientist' who puts my playing safe to shame.

Thank you so much Arlee, it brightened my week and it was very generous and thoughtful of you.
There's nothing like that first day at home after a holiday and it was just perfect to cheer me up.

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