Saturday, 7 March 2009

Marrakech in March 2: Shops.

Going to the supermarket will never be the same again. Think souks and Kasbar instead.

I didn't have to shop for food in Marrakech but here are some typical shops around the market square.

Pulses..while the cats away the birds will play..look closely at the sacks.(You can click the pics for closer views)

We asked our guide the name of the little birds pecking at the goods , and he said something like 'ee-beese' but he didn't spell it, so I can't be sure.

This shop seemed to be an Apothocarie

with tortioses too, and in the cages above them, chameleons,

and outside a strange sort of guinea fowl that seemed to be a pet (but you never know)

'Its meat Jim but not as we know it.'

Tripe. Unbleached.

With your meat, two veg? Or three?

All cooked in a Tajine

with maybe a few spices?
Despite this array, the food in Marrakech seemed very bland to me, tasting mainly of cumin and cinammon.

One very simple but delicious dessert consisted of sliced oranges sprinkled with cinammon. The oranges there are beautifully sweet and juicy.

I have no idea what these things are.

But he was a very nice man.

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