Sunday, 8 March 2009

Marrakech in March 4: Come with me.. the kasbah and the Souks.
Through arches down winding lanes

lined with tiny shops full of amazing goods.
you can buy anything ...anything!
But you have to barter.

Nothing has a price tag.

It wasn't too busy when these pictures were taken but in the late afternoons and evenings the lanes were bustling with life.

Wall to wall people jostled with mopeds, bicycles, handcarts, donkey carts, shopkeepers and tourists.

'Hello beautiful Laydees, I make you nice price..'
'You like beads?
What you pay?'

I became an expert haggler...its just a game, and when I eventually got a very good price for a bag, we shook hands and both burst out laughing.

I really hope this isn't getting tedious.

I have lots more to share!
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