Friday, 13 March 2009

Posters and questions.

Now trips abroad don't come cheap (although ours was as cheap as it gets!) so I was rootling around the house wondering what I could sell to start saving up for the next one.
I remembered these school posters.

I rescued 4 boxes of them from the dustbin in a
school I was supplying in.

They picture history, and geography in a very old fashioned way.
and are rather un PC but quaint.
I suppose you could say they reflect attitudes prevalent in the 1950s.

I find them quite interesting and some are better than others.

I only looked in 2 boxes today. The second box is an absolute treasure.
Its older than the rest, coming from the 1930s.

The illustrations are beautiful.
I'm certain I remember this Robin one from my own school days in the 50s.

There are 82 of them all depicting idyllic scenes of a pre world war two Britain, children, gardens,

and animals.

My Dad took me to London Zoo when I was four, and I had a ride on an elephant.

But I don't remember planes like these.

The trouble now is that I really don't want to part with these pictures . They would look lovely framed.
I suppose I ought to be more resolute and list them on that well known auction site.
I'm such a hoarder.
Has anyone received an e mail asking them to take part in a blogger personality survey?
Its from a research student and I thought there would be no harm in it but I smell a rat.
I started to complete the survey but there seemed to be an awful lot of questions so after about 50 I scrolled through and found that there were 300.
Many of them were repeated so I gave up.
Has anyone out there completed it and submitted their results? I just felt that there would be some jokey reply at the end of it but I wasn't prepared to do it to find out.

Also..I have looked at my followers list and found a strange one with a name thats just a random list of letters and numbers. Whats that all about? I checked few other bloggers followers and someone else had a follower with a different set of letters and numbers (Genie I think), but others didn't.
UPDATE: I have deleted the follower named 'Yvy6akU1kv3Y3spOgyJVhqsNQVc.nAK7***'
If its you and you are a legitimate reader please get in touch..or get yourself a less threatening name!

Any ideas?
And finally.. I had a lot of lovely comments on my Marrakech posts, some of which I couldn't reply to because you don't have a blog and were a 'no reply' commenter so thank you very much,
(postcards from wildwood!) Its lovely to hear from you all.
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