Saturday, 1 November 2008

Silver Service

Mass production is not my strong point.

I like to surprise myself with each little unique creation, taking as much time as it takes to work the patterns and designs till I feel satisfied.

This is as near as it gets bulk sewing, and I can tell you I used the utmost restraint to stick to one colour for a whole stint.

I only managed it because the silver silk is so beautiful.

I did change the velvet from a lilac bias to a silvery blue on the one below.

I don't know whether to put them on Folksy or Etsy at the moment but I had two or three enquiries about them when I posted the last pictures so if you are interested they are available directly from me at ten pounds for the brooches and fifteen for the cuffs. including P&P to UK.

This last one is constructed in sections so has a square sided look.
Now for the Science:
The square one measures nine inches overall , two inches of it is the velcro tab.
The circle one is nine and a half overall, two inch velcro tab.
The flower one is quite small, eight and a half inches overall including two inch tab.
The velcro makes them slightly adjustable.
They can be worn loose or tight.
They can be extended slightly but a bit of velcro will show underneath your wrist.
They can be made smaller by tucking more velcro under.
Coming soon: A Green Day.
(PS: Have the word verifications got easier? They seem to have stuck more vowels in to make nonesense words and I haven't failed as many this week)
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