Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Blog as therapy

We talk about emotional roller coasters..what about see saws?
I said last saturday's craft fair couldn't be as bad as the one the week before.
It was.(See Saw down)
The Knitting and Stitching show on Sunday was a terrific high.(See saw up)

I enjoyed the Graduate showcase but it never fails to amaze me when people feel the need to speak their minds.
There was a lovely young Textile Artist in the 'Graduate Showcase' with her work.
A much older woman who felt her opinion had to be aired went up to her and said she thought her work was awful and she didn't like it, it was grotesque.
I felt so hurt for the girl. Her work was competent skillful and very unusual.

I added my bit to the Julia Caprara tribute.
(Awful pics on this entire post. Sorry)

It had hand stitching on it.
Don't faint.

Then Monday was a busy day.
I attended a steering committee meeting as patient rep for a local service.
I felt stupid.
I couldn't speak 'adminese'(See Saw down)
I went to see my Mum.(See saw up)
Tuesday was a day of anxiety and actual panic about a number of issues..some 'credit crunch' related, and some family related.(See saw down)
But in the evening a friend phoned me and said she'd been to an Art Gallery in Mid Wales and the owner had seen my brooches and wants to sell some.(See saw up)
Wednesday was a positive day and I was upbeat in the morning. Got on with some brooches.

(This post was going to be all about how I do lots of samples and discover some happy accidents of colour combinations.)

Poor pics.
Working on many brooches.(See saw up.)
Phone call at lunchtime.
Older son in severe difficulty. (See saw fluctuating violently, flying around in circles)
I sorted it out as far as I could...very anxious time.
(See-saw broken and lying upside down on floor.)
Reasonably good outcome. (See-Saw repositioned and ready for action again.)
Glass of wine. Food .
Should I publish this?
Go on then.

PS Attention Jill you left a question on my last post and I don't know how to get in touch with you. E mail me if you like.

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