Thursday, 27 November 2008


I have just opened a Google Alert e -mail and its infected my laptop with a virus.

It said 'The lovely jackie cardy has tagged me' in the bit where a snippet of the message shows. So being a vain and nosey person I opened it and now I have wild windows popping up all over and threats of dangerous viruses.
Then it gives you a solution which is also a virus.

Is it see saw down?
Not too bad. My son will fix it for me tonight.
Meanwhile I can use the desk top.

Just thought you may like to know and avoid the same thing hapening to you. There was something about folars coffee on it. (I deliberately spelt that wrong just in case. It had a g after the l and was 'ers' at the end. )
Thank you for your lovely commenst by the way. I'm feeling up beat again today.
well, you've got to.
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