Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Parcel From the Outer Hebrides

Its here!
My new consignment of Tweed from Catherine Campbell on the Isle of Harris.
Pure wool handwoven in the most beautiful patterns.

It has a subtle soft colour that is hard to photograph.

The daylight hardens the colours a bit.
And using flash makes it look too vivid.

So use your imagination and add a modicum of fuzziness and warmth to my poor efforts to convey the loveliness!
Now its just up to me to add my bits

and construct brooches, bags, cuffs,

and perhaps scarves.
I think I have enough Harris Tweed now to last me for the rest of my life.
And I am expecting another box today!

In the sewing room its been pink lately.
More hearts and flowers!

Don't forget to leave me your wrist size and preferred cuff width for a chance to win a prize in the draw on this post.(Click the purple words to take you there)
Even if you wouldn't wear a cuff, we can negotiate a suitable prize.
You must leave your wrist measurements to be entered for the draw....its a survey with a carrot.
But please don't be shy to leave a comment here too.
PS. I was just thinking.....for it to be a meaningful survey I need about 100 results so please spread the word and get all your friends to comment.

I was given the 'Kreative Blogger' award by Jennyflower a short time ago, but as I had already had it I have decided to have a bit of a rest from tags, memes (Whatever they are) and awards. Jenny is a sweetie and you could still visit her lovely sewing and family blog.
She does a mean gweeeen buttercweem!
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