Friday, 7 November 2008

Words and Pictures

Keeping my own counsel has never been my strong point.
I talk too much.
I often speak before I think.
A bad idea.
And when my first son was born 26 years ago, I talked to him...a lot.
The result was that he had an amazing vocabulary from the age of two and when the health visitor came to ascertain that he knew red, blue and green, he added 'and this is pale pink and thats a sort of greyish beige....'

My younger son born two years later had an equally good grasp of colour.
But he knew what he liked.

Consistently throughout his early childhood when asked his favourite colour the answer was emphatically 'Gweeeen'.

So here's some gweeeen for you.

I must point out that my wonderful place for taking pictures was the kitchen table.
Being a Victorian house the kitchen is at the darker cooler end, and now its November the sun doesn't get round there.

Its extrememly difficult to get good pictures of velvet and silk together, but I think you can see the sheen of the silk in these.

Since I posted the silver pictures I have had some lovely comments, thank you, and sold quite a few cuffs and brooches to lovely ladies, to whom I am very grateful.
And I am tantalisingly close to two new batches of Harris tweed, winging their way from the Hebrides at this moment.

Now I would like to ask you a question..well two actually, about the cuffs.
I need an average of wrist sizes.
I have made long ones and people have asked for shorter and vice versa.
I have made narrow ones and people have asked for wide and vice versa (again)
If you could leave me a comment including your wrist measurement and a preference for width of cuff I will put your names in a hat (well you know what I mean) and there will be a prize.
A cuff in your choice of available colour, width and length. Or something else if you don't wear cuffs.
So please include in your comment width preference and wrist measurement, according to how tightly or loosely you would like to wear one. I'll leave this open for two weeks. I'll do the draw on 21st November.

I just want to add a little thank you here to all the people who have left comments and ratings on the 'Top blogs by Crafters'. There's no way to find out who you are from the comment itself so I am thanking you here.


ANNA said...

I love your cuffs and am a great fan of wearing textile cuffs at home or at textile related events. (the office did not understand). I used to wear my own aluminium can cuffs when demonstrating my technique. I would love one of yours (but not green - although they are beautiful - I'm not a green person). I personally prefer my cuffs short no more than 2" rather like a wide watch strap. Thinish so they don't get stuck on sleeves, but not loose. Preferably purple in colour! Wrist diameter is roughly 8" (that sounds fat :-)). HOpe by ramble helps and would love to win a cuff!

Gina said...

Hi Jackie, If I'm wrist measures 7" and I think my ideal width would be about 3". I did look on etsy (and couldn't find you on folksy) as I was very interested in the silver cuff with the flowers? Maybe you didn't think I meant it? If it is for sale and still available I would very much like to buy it! Gina x

Sid Simpson said...

Green is indeed the most supreme of all colors.

Alas, I don't wear cuffs. But I constantly revel in the beauty of your work and I just couldn't help commenting!

Esther said...

Hi Jackie, Think your marketing survey is a good idea. Hope the recipients of silver cuff & brooch love them as much as I do.

For me, ideal width is 2" or just over. Wearing length is 7.5-8.5" (with option to make cuff tighter/looser) as I like to wear cuffs over sleeves too and don't like things to be too snug.

Gunnels blog said...

These are wonderful! Love these colours, and the stitching !!!
I think that 20 cm x 6cm is good!

Jenny said...

Hi Jackie,
Went to Pickering today, pics on my blog, is this the right place?

My wrist, I think, is unusually small, I always have problems with bangles etc. Its 6 inches circumference.

Hope this helps your market research

When I make felt bangles I have to try hard to make them bigger as I forget and base most things on me, then they are too small for most people!


Sandy said...

Your cuffs are spectacular. My wrist is only 6 1/2" so is too small for a saleable size. Is it possible to have the closure with a little bit of adjustment?-like a strip of velcro. With a small wrist, I look better if the cuff is not too wide-no more than 1 1/2".

Kayla coo said...

Hi Jackie,
I don't mind how wide a cuff is, I can wear wide or narrow.
I do have very small wrists too about 6 inches in diameter.
I do love green!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

It's fab that your boys both knew colours so well at such an early age. My OH still has trouble knowing the difference between pink and purple and he's 40!!!

I sooooo love your cuffs and brooches. That scrummy texture and the sumptuous colours... My wrists are ludicrously scrawny by all accounts - 5 1/2"!!! I like them wide-ish so you make a real statement. At least with such skinny wrists I wouldn't use up too much fabric if I won. hee hee

Carol said...

I have a 7 inch wrist but would probably rather 8 inch for comfort as 7 inch is the wrist measurement. I like a band about 2-21/2 inch wide. I wear a cuff watch this kind of sie everyday. I Lust after your cuffs and would be on the 3rd mortgage if my common sense did not prevail. Unfortuantely there are not too many pennies spare in Britain at the mo! Hope this helps.

lesley said...

It would have to be GWEEEEEEEN!! I to love green its my favourite! And your cuffs are delightful! My wrist siz is 7" with an ideal width of 2", hope this helps with your survey. I have previously look at purshaing one of your cuffs but can find no prices on etsy. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. That would be about right for me, I'm not the brightest button in the box! Lol

Kitty said...

I talked to my kids a lot too. When the Health Visitor appointment for No.1's 2 yr check, came round we didn't know what to expect. She showed No.1 a book - wanting her to say 'train' and 'food'. However, No.1 (who has inherited my verbal diarrhoea) said 'that's a green cucumber and that's a lovely yellow lemon'. The HV just said 'thank you' and removed the book. I thought something was wrong; it was only afterwards that she told me she was stunned!

I love gweeeeen too - one of the best colours.

As for wrist measurements, well, I'm weird (hey, you knew that). When I recently bought a new watch strap, the jeweller actually laughed about taking out so many links - because you see, I have iddly piddly wrists *blush* They are 15cm (or 5.9 inches) Consequently, anything too wide just looks plain stupid. :-(

Your work is wonderful - just keep doing what you're doing.


hens teeth said...

Items of exquisite beauty Jackie. I seem to say the same things to you all the time but your jewellery really is stunning.
I'm a 7" x 2er myself!

Liz said...

This is the time of year when things finally turn GWEEEEN in California. Lovely work!

Judex said...

A cuff to go with the wonderful Etsy broach,now that's a good idea!! cos I'm a big girl my wrist is 8" and so as not to make my hand look too podgy no more than 2" deep,the broach was purple and green and I love it,but then I think all your work is fantastic.Judith.

Chris' Shady Grove said...

My son loves gween too! my wrist is 7" and I think 1.5-2" wide is a nice size. I've been thinking your blue green cuffs would be lovely on a denim shirt.

Daisie said...

I do apologise but the only ruler I could find was in cm (I notice everyone else is in inches) and it was a ruler! So I tore some paper and wrapped it round my wrist, they measure 17cm. I have quite skinny wrists and hands (a bit like claws) but I had to have something skinny, haha, so I like a narrowish cuff. There is no other colour good enough except purple but if I win you can make me one in any colour you like and I'll love it!
I do wonder if so many people would have commented if you'd asked for waist measurements.....?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

'Gweeeen' is beautiful...especially in these pictures. Your son has good taste in colour!
My wrist is a shade under 7" if that's any help in your survey. As for cuff width - I wouldn't have a clue because I've never worn one.

StegArt said...

Wow, loving the colors in this group. I have a 7" wrist and I like cuffs that are about 1.5" to 2" wide. Thanks for the opportunity!

Julie said...

I have never worn a cuff Jackie but yours are irrisistable! I have a skinny wrist so no longer than 6" and probably only 1.5" wide so it fits snugly. I don't often wear bracelets because I don't like them sliding up and down my arm.

I have only just caught up with the silver cuffs, they are gorgeous.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Good for your son...gween is my favourite colour as well! My wrist measures six inches exactly,which is something I didn't know, so thanks for asking! My preference would be for thicker cuffs, at least three inches I suppose.

Hope this helps with your research!
Have a happy weekend!

Robin Mac said...

Jackie, I just love your cuffs - and your blog. My wrist measures 7", but a bit looser is probably better. My ideal preference would be about 2" Hope this helps the research. We didn't have health workers visiting us in Australia when my kids were born, I think it is interesting they tested your children's reading! Cheers, Robin

Victoria said...

I think you did a marvelous job capturing the beauty of your cuffs! The green colors are as gorgeous as a real emerald.

As for your survey, I like my cuffs about 1.5 inches wide, and more snug fitting then loose. My wrist measures 5.5" around, so a cuff around 5.75 to 6 inches would be best for me. xo

Celia said...

Interesting that my wrist is quite thin [6.25 "] pity I'm not! However I would prefer around 7" for a cuff, and up to 2" deep. And your stuff is so luscious!


Genie said...

Hi Jackie,
my wrist size is 6in so a 7x 1.5-2in width, would be about right for me, i love all the cuffs you make the colours are just so jewel like . Have a good weekend

Heather said...

Your gweens are gorgeous - your son obviously has excellent taste. My wrists measure 7"/18cm, and I think a 2"/6cm deep cuff would look good. I like the idea of a deeper one but it might be awkward to wear. I love the bluey green one you show in your photo. I have never worn cuffs but yours are so lovely I could easily be persuaded!

Anonymous said...

Gweeeeen is beeeeewtifull.
Your work is so stunning !!Im happy to help with your Market research .
My wrist is 6 inch and I think about 2 inches is ideal width .I have read through looks like 2 inch width is a popular answer .
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a Cuff made by you .

Love from sesga xxx

JaneO said...

Hi Jackie, I adore the shades of green and would love to win one. My ideal would be a cuff about 2 to 2 1/2" wide with a nice snug fit (I end up taking off accessories if they move around and annoy me) and the widest part of my wrist is 6 3/4".

Tricks said...

Hi Jackie,
It would be lovely to own one of your cuffs, so I'll certainly take part in your market research.

What a clever idea to get to know what your public might like as well as sizes.

Well, here goes: I would not like to wear anything larger than 2 inches, that is most probably because I have quite a narrow wrist anyway; or at least I think it is narrow.

My wrist measures 6.5 inches. I like any of your cuffs all the colours and designs are fabulous.
Good Luck with your research Cheers Triciax

hippopip said...

I am a 6 1/2" wrist which is surprising as I am not a tiny person unfortunately,and I love them wide,by daughter saw mine and was gween with envy

Linda said...

My wrist is a smidgeon over 6" so a 7" wearing length would be about right. Anything too wide on my wrist looks odd so nothing more than two inches wide, possibley even less.
Reading other people's comments it looks like you might have to offer them in coffee shop sizes!

Lynne said...

Your cuffs are lovely. My wrist would be 7.5 inches and preferred width of 2 inches.

julie king said...

what a great idea to do this survey! i have very small bones so i'd most likely be on the lower end of the spectrum with a 6.5" cuff ad not over 2" wide.

Doreen K. said...

I would love to win one of your beautiful cuffs. Wrist is 6", and I think 2" wide would be nice. Thank you for the chance at a great prize.

Jude said...

Love the work in the cuffs and broochs, especially the silver ones.
My wrist size is 7 and a half inches and length would be 3 and a half. I would prefer a silver brooch though as don't often wear long sleeves or go anywhere appropriate for them

WendyCarole said...

I have a 6.5 wrist and two inches wide would be good.

All your work in wonderful

jennyflower said...

My wrist is 6" round too, the only petite-ish bit of me! I think 2" souds good. I would love to own one of your gorgeous cuffs. (But in our house maybe a nappy would get worn more!?)

'fancypicnic' said...

Now, I think you KNOW what I love about your work...all of it, and I'd buy it all if I could!
I had to leave a comment, Jackie...just in case!
I think 8" (with room to tighten/loosen, depending on mood), with a width of about 3" fingers are SO tightly crossed, it's painful!

Robyn said...

I had to smile at the "gween" story. My gaughter was exactly the same. "Gween" was the only colour for her...though not anymore.

Wrist size is 18cm. Any width.Gween is not my colour. Good Luck to me. Thanks Jackie.

Threadspider said...

I am in the gweenlovers camp too-green and silk and velvet. How can it get better?
As for size I have six and halfers and love the wider widths.

baronvonrolo said...

My favourite colour isn't even gween anymore.

Linda said...

Love all your green things Jackie(especially the olive - just gorgeous!) I'd love to take part in your market wrist measures 6" and I suppose 2" wide would be best on a small wrist although I'd really love one going all the way up my arm!!
Linda xx

manitoba stitches said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my new blog. I saw your peas and carrots on flickr and those are my favorite colors, too! Your work is beautiful- do you work with mostly silks and velvet? My wrist is 6 1/4" and my prefered width would be 2". Thanks again! Debra

Liz said...

What fun! My wrist is 8 inches, rather big for a delicate lady, haha. For a cuff I would think a 0.5 to 1 in ease would be good and about 3 in wide for a true cuff. Anything else is a bracelet.

Tricks said...

Don't you just love it when the delivery man shows up. You lucky thing, all that lovely tweed, now you're going to be busy for a very long time. BW Tricia

arlee said...

Me me me!!!! :} Mine is 6 and a half--i like a wee bit of ease and about 2 and a half inches wide---in orange and cobalt please :}
I may just have to flatter you by trying some! (Imitation and all that, you know...)

Sally said...

Hi Jackie
Love the favourite colour by far. My wrist measures 6 inches. I have never worn a cuff but think 2.5-3 inches would be just about perfect.

ruthie said...

Hi Jackie, i love all of your beautiful jewel coloured cuffs, but green and silver are particularly yummy, wrist size is 6". great idea to do research this way.

Maureen said...

You know I love your work Jackie, my wrist is 7'' and 2'' would be an ideal width.

Jackie K. said...

Ah - lovely cuffs. Somehow I missed your query last week. Hope I'm not too late to get in on the drawing! My wrist is 7.5" around give or take. I like cuffs near 2" wide and not too tight.

jackie said...

My wrist measures 6 1/2" and I would think about 2 1/2" wide would be great. I am pleased your work is being successful

katie said...

firstly - I like these cuffs very much - second - I think this is a very good way to do market research - well done you!
Now - my wrist is 7 inches round (a tiny bit loose) and i like the idea of a wristie about 3 and a half inches or so - 3inches - that sort of thing ?
I like the colour combinations you choose - I am surprising myself with my colour choices lately - though so much in my life is changing - so why not that preference too? I'll let you know if I am luck enough to win!
and i am having a giveaway too - get along if you haven't already!
Thank you

jill said...

I'm one of the 6" brigade with a bit of give to a 7" fit I think, narrow 1 - 1 1/2" otherwise it feels uncomfortable. I love all of your designs, saw some at Harrogate in October & was sorely tempted. Will you be at Knitting & Stitch?

Wabbit said...

Cuffs would drive me insane, especially if they're wider than an inch. But my wrist is quite large at 8.5". I like things like bracelets looser, so I usually get 9.5". The last time the Sports Fan bought me a bracelet as a present, it had to be sent back to Italy where it was made to be made larger. :( I love those pink hearts!


Hi just hoping to assist with your market research.

My wrist is exactly 16.5cms
I think a width of 3.5 - 4cms would be good.

The textures of your cuffs are amazing, I love the way you combine the colours.

If I Won a cuff I am afraid I would have to purchase a matching broach.Tehe.

Have a good weekend.

Sue said...

My wrist circumference is 7" and I guess I'd like an ease of 0.5 - 1" added. Regarding width, it would depend on the design, but 3 - 5" would make me happy.

Lorie M. said...

Hey nice picture of Barack! My wrist is just shy of 7" about 6 3/4"..Jackie, I would wear any of your cuffs, in any color. Maybe 3" max, but if it was a gorgeous thing, who knows? I'm over 40, so I can do whatever I want, right?
:-p Really your work is art deluxe!

Love to Stitch 99 said...


That is certainly something that I would love to wear.

I have small bones so my wrist is only 6 inches around. With 6 inches around, I don't think that I would go for anything over 2 inches wide.

Pierrette =^..^=

Chloe said...

Hello, a fellow Northern Belle blogger here!
I love these cuffs, particularly the deep red ones.
My wrist measures 6 and a half inches but I think I have very skinny wrists.
I used to work in a jewellers and the most common wrist size was 7".
For the Cuff width, I think I'd prefer 3".

Heloise said...

The cuffs and brooches are lovely.
As to the depth of a cuff I would wear a narrow one more often with different outfits and a deeper one for evening wear.
My wrist measures 7" which would be fine for a narrow cuff I think a deeper one would require some ease of wear.

Should I be lucky my preference is silver.

Good luck with analyzing this research.

beadbabe49 said...

Beautiful wrist is 7" but I prefer to wear cuff a bit loose so 7.5" is about ideal for me. My favorite width would be about an inch (to wear) but the ones I make are much wider as they give more scope for fun designs.

Chyadesign said...

Hi Jackie - I love your latest pieces the colours are beautiful and really rich. Actually now I have looked at the list of comments I notice that my wrist size isn't abnormal afterall - juts like a lot of others it is 7" - or if you want it in metric --- 18 cm (I had to turn the tape measure over to discover that bit of info!!!

Lainie said...

Oh, these cuffs are so, so beautiful. I love them . . . and I want a tutorial!

My wrist is 6" in circumference, and I think a 2" width is about the right proportion for me.

And let me say again .. . they are really lovely.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

2.5" wide
All your colour choices are perfect.

What a great idea to do a survey.
When making my felt swirl bracelets I had the same dilemma of what size to make most of. This is helpful research for all of us :)

Jan said...

Hi, love your work and especially your use of color.
My wrist is 5 3/4 and I'd probably choose to have a 1 1/2 wide cuff. If I was to win, I wouldn't care what width it was.

Angelcat said...

Your cuffs are stunning!

My wrist is 7" and I love to wear quite chunky bracelets so I think something around 2-3" would appeal to me.

Hope this helps your research

Ati. Norway. said...

They are all beautiful, I am not such a green person, more a blue one :) My wrist is 19 cm. I think a width of 6 cm is very nice.

English Rose said...

if you manage to plough through all this 'market research', you'll be doing really well hon. my wrist is 7"/18cm and I prefer deeper cuffs, so 2 1/2" to 3". and these are gorgeous, by the way.

Jenna said...

My wrist is a little small (just under 6"). I like a bigger cuff - 25-3".

Sue said...

Sorry i didn't realise I needed to post the size of my wrist here, so here it is again ie 5.5inches or 14cms. Re measured them both and the size on my first comment left on sunday 16th nov is incorrect. Sorry if this causes any problems.

Jo in NZ said...

I do not wear cuffs (I don't think they would suit humn, larger...wrist. However my measurements are 7"/18cm (higher up) down to 5.5"/14cm. If I was going to wear a cuff (yours are gorgeous enough for me to consider it), 1.5-2" would be good on my wrist.

Dot said...

Gweeen, gween is my very favorite color Jackie! And I adore your latest offerings.

My wrist size is 7.5" and I wear cuffs that atre 2.5 to 3" wide.

You are a generous soul to do a give away!

Count me in :)


Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful. I have just checked the size of a cuff I made for myself last year and it is 8.75" by 1.5" wide.
My actual wrist measurement is 7.5" but sadly my arm widens fairly rapidly so anything over an inch wide needs to that much larger. Overall I would say my ideal cuff would be 8.5 to 9" long and 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide.

Diana said...

This is my first visit to your blog (at the suggestion of another blog I read) and wow - your cuffs are beautiful. I especially love the silver ones.
Would love to win one - my wrist measurement is 7" (nicely in between tight and loose) and I'd say an ideal width would be about 2" or maybe 2.5". Any bigger and is starts to look more like a sleeve!
Keep up the lovely work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie: Your cuffs are gorgeous! My wrist is 7 inches in diameter and I would love a cuff width of about 2.5-3 inches. I love any of your colors, but I have to say, red is a favorite!

Art4Sol said...

I too, have a small wrist....being only 6 inches. And I think only 2 inches wide would look best on my short arms. But having them somewhat ajustible would be good. They are very lovely.
I hope this helps...good luck.

Jackie said...

I am putting this name here to remind me to put fontainefleurie in the draw as she left her wrist size comment on a different post.

Ruth said...

I don't wear cuffs but my wrist size is 6.5". I do sell jewelry at my store though and the average bracelet that fits most people is 7". Of course you always get bigger and smaller but 7" seems about average.

janeywan said...

Beautiful work you do. I like to wear my bracelets so they move freely, however that poses a problem with catching on things and occasionally breaking. My friend Bobbi knows all about that. She made two bracelets for my sister and I that we adore. My sister's wrist is 7.5 and mine is 8, so you have two answers for the price of one comment. lol

DILLY said...

GWEEEEEEEEEEEEEN be best culler ever!

(An pink, too)


Helena said...

I prefer cuffs to be about 2 inches in width :)

My left wrist is 6 3/4 inches (17cm).
My right wrist is 7 1/4 (18.5 cm)

I'm told the right is usually a wee bit more if you're right handed (and vice versa) because of the muscles used in writing, etc. I hope this is right or maybe I'm just weird :)

I LOVE the greens! It is my favourite colour along with yellow. Deep red is lovely, too, and I'm told it suits me. But I would go for green if a choice!

Good luck with your survey. I'll be back- I am very interested to know the average!

Came here via Julie at Mixed Media, btw.

Lynn said...

Jackie - your cuffs are spectacular! My 6" wrist would love a cuff that is 1 1/2" wide (wink wink). I so hope I win!!

morwyn said...

I love big, bold 'wrist installations' - 2.5 to 3 inches wide, to fit a 7.25 inch wrist.

Wow, you got a LOT of replies - good luck with the math!!

GraceBeading said...

Hi Jackie - I'm a new visitor to your blog, it's wonderful as are your creations! I stopped by your Etsy store as well, your brooches and barrettes are beautiful as well.

Cuffs... I like them on the smaller side, so 1 1/2 inches wide, and I tend to like them more on the snug side - so when I make them for me, they are approximately 7 inches.

gilby said...

Love the red autumn coloured cuffs my wrist size is 6.5 and 4 inches long would look stunning.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love your cuffs and would love to win one. My wrist size is 7", sorry I don't do metric! I like bangles watch straps to be wider rather tha thinner, so 2-3" would be good. I wouldn't mind the colour, just to be able to stroke it and wear it!

Wendy Coyne said...

My wrist measures 6 inches, an ideal cuff width for me would be around 2 1/2 inches wide. I would think that the longer the cuff, the wider it should be.

I hate the colour green, give me yellow or red any time ;)

Sweet Treats said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sweet Treats said...

I love your cuffs and my favourite if i had to choose one because they're all gorge! Would be the bluey green ones.

My wrist size is 6" yet probably looser than this as i may want to wear it over a sleeve and i'd say the ideal width would be about 2".

Well i just felt i had to tell you how beautiful i think all your products are! (I removed the other comment because of some appalling spelling mistakes!)

Anonymous said...

These cuffs are just gorgeous. Wrist measurement is 7" (or 18cm here in New Zealand). Probably add another 1/2-1" for comfort. And about 2" in width. Love green, but I think I prefer rusty sort of colours even more.


edward and lilly said...

I'm a 5.5 inch wrist so a width of 1-2 inches would be fab.

I like black, red, and natural earthy colours :)

Good luck with your market research!

Paddy's Daughter said...

Hi Jackie, my wrist is about 7", and I would wear a cuff of 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. This is just for your info, and not to take part in the draw. BTW have received many comments about the brooch. Cheers, Sue

Anonymous said...

My wrists measure 6-1/2". Your cuffs are beautiful.

liz said...

Might be too late for the draw, but here are my comments anyway, my wrist measures 7" round, and if I was to wear a cuff I would like one that measures maybe 8", and is thin, less than 1", like a bangle, but I think I'm the only person who likes them that thin! I have to add I don't wear jewellery much except for neclaces, so I don't know if my opinion counts:)

Miss Frugality said...

Ooh I must join in before it's too late! My wrist measures 6 and a half inches but I don't like to wear them too tight so may be about 7" and about 2" wide.
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed until the winner is announced :-)

Cory said...

ME-ME-ME Choose ME....

Love the cuffs especially in earthtones..7 by 2 inches wide would be perfect. Hope I am not too late.

Denise said...

Your cuffs are gorgeous, I love all the bright jewel colours you use. My wrist is 7" and I think 2 1/2" is a nice size.

cathy said...

my wrist is 7 inches and I like the green cuffs- they are all lovely, though.

Dawn said...

Hi there-I would love to take part in your survey.
My wrist size is 6inches and prefer to wear cuffs sized 2-2 1/2 inches (look better as my wrists are quite thin!)
Silver and blue are my fave colours.
I think your cuffs are gorgoeus and wish everyone luck-even though I would love to win one!!!!!

MaryAnn said...

Love your cuffs and brooches. My wrist size is 8.5 - 9 inches. Colors are red and blues. Width no larger then 2.5 inches and no smaller then 1.5.

Sabii Wabii said...

Wrist fitted 7"...cuff loose 7 5/8
1.5 to 2" wide....
If its a single cull. If I wore double cuffs I would go much wider and make a statement to an outfit, otherwise it would be an accessory.

The Lone Beader said...

I LoVE LOVE LOVE cuffs! And green is my fav. colour! I have a 6" wrist! I find it hard to shop for bracelets and cuffs because most are too long!

Raggy Rat said...

im very sorry about this but my wrist is er .... 5 and 1/2 inches, and thats holding the tape a little bit slack to round it up a bit! do i win a prize for being the smallest lol !
and width for me would be only an inch - perhpas i should make some?
i like all colours sizzling together, i find it hard to choose, i love to look at your smorgasboard jackie :-)

Shelagh said...

Hi I have found you via Tricia. My wrist is huge 7.5 inches or 19 cm round and my embroidered cuffs are 3 inch or 8cm wide. Your work is fabulous. My cuffs also connect to the middle finger Indian style, hope that gives you a 'new idea'

zora said...

Left wrist 14 centimeters (=5,5")
Right wrist 15 centimeters (=6")

I would not wear cuffs with a width over6 centimeters (2,5")

Love your cuffs, love your blog. You are very talented and I enjoy watching pictures of what you created. Very inspiring.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.