Friday, 21 November 2008


This is such a responsibility.
I didn't sleep last night. (Partly because I'd got to the gory bit in 'The Kite Runner')

I had 103 comments about wrists..well, 102 was from my son calling himself 'James' and he has never expressed an interest in owning a cuff or a brooch so I didn't put him in.
I wrote them all on paper.
I cut them up

but Oh No! My patent draw holder was too small.

So I put them in my salad spinner

but it has no hole in the bottom so I just had to put my hand in and pull one out.
There were witnesses..this one can't see but she listened very carefully and made sure of fair play

and it was seconded .
Here is the winner:

You can choose a cuff or a brooch in any colour you like made especially to fit.
And now I won't sleep because of the 101 people who left me their wrist size and lovely comments and didn't win.
All I can do is thank you very much indeed and try my very best to analyse the results.
I'm doing a craft fair tomorrow at Lostock Hall High School Near Preston.
Its usually good fun with craft taster sessions and traditional music.
I'll be doing two feltmaking classes.
I don't expect many sales, but its bound to be better than the one I did last week.
It couldn't be worse.
On Sunday I am going to The Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate.
See you there?
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