Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A Significant Day

22nd October is a significant day.

Its the day my husband and I had out first date. One of the best days of my life.

We arranged to meet up in 'The Old Black Bull' in Preston.

We were married in the following July, both of us being old enough to recognise the 'real thing' when we met it.

This year in July was our 31st wedding anniversary, and today 32nd anniversary of out first date on 22nd October.

22nd October is a significant day.

Its the day my Dad died.

He was rushing through town at 3.30 in the afternoon.

As he passed 'The Old Black Bull' he fell down from a heart attack. And died.

He was 65.

On that day, I had just seen a class of children home. I had popped into the next door classroom and was chatting to my colleague. The conversation came round to My Dad..I don't know why.

I started smiling and telling her about him, how he built a boat in his suburban garage, how I spent my early years looking in tool shop windows, how when he couldn't drive a car we had our family holidays in a motorbike and sidecar,how he had been walking the Lakeland fells in the footsteps of Wainwright since he retired, had been up there on Monday, how enterprising and clever he was in his spare time...

That was 3.30

22nd October 1992 . The worst day of my life.

I miss him still after 16 years.

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