Thursday, 23 October 2008

Dog Daisy Abroad.

I have been really touched by the lovely comments I had after my last post. Thank you to everyone who left me a few words.
I wasn't too sad on Wednesday, but my Mum was of course.
I just remembered the fun we had with him.

Big excitement chez-dogdaisy...I am doing a talk and a workshop OVERSEAS!
Yes, on Friday morning I and my car and much of my tackle, are boarding the Isle of Man steam packet ship from Heysham, and sailing off into the west to deliver a talk and a workshop to the members of the Isle of Man branch of the Embroiderers Guild.
The weather forecast is not good.
I will need a strong stomach and possibly a brown paper bag.
I think I'd better wrap my laptop in plastic.

UPDATE: Thursday pm. Just had a text..early ferry cancelled due to bad weather..postponed to 2.30. Hope I don't miss the talk. I'm the one giving it.

We will be making these boxes on Saturday,

having dyed our own tea bag paper and stitched into it.

I have been making samples using the technique I used in my blog header.

Dyed teabag paper, shibori style, providing a base pattern for applique and stitching over voile.

The ink seeps out as in chromatography and provides surprising bits of colour as a guide for adding stitch and fabrics.
As the colours arrived at are a component of the main colour they always look right and inspire addition of threads and fabrics in a colour you may not have considered.
Much nicer in reality.
I have collated all the pictures of my work for the talk and copied them onto a disc, and a data stick, and my laptop.
I will be using a digital projector.
(I have no idea how to do it.)

If there are any Isle of Man Ladies reading, I am looking forward to meeting you at the talk on Friday evening.
There will be homework.
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