Saturday, 18 October 2008

Picture Post

Despite the birthday celebration and an afternoon of hospital 'procedure' (ending in 'oscopy' )I managed to get a pile of stuff ready for The Platform Gallery Christmas Exhibition so now I'm going to bombard you with a few of the 40 or so pictures I took. For some reason I really like this whole collection (OOH! Get me! ) so I'm showing off.
Isn't that what blogs are for?
If you want more detail click on the pictures.
I bought some new silk from The Bombay Stores stand at a show so I used it to make these silk and velvet cuffs and brooches.

Don't you just love how it glows?

I tried to match them to encourage sales!

Then I started again with the Harris Tweed.
Round brooches.

Do you like the new labels?

Tweed cuffs with added silk and velvet,

This is a bit too macro,

and a new little type of purse.

I've tried a new fastening method , a strip of fabric

that goes round the back and fastens with velcro.

Here's a red/gold one.
They are outrageously expensive.

And I did some more tweed hearts.

Here's the tweed and silk together.

And the whole lot...

Oh and I finished decorating some books. They all have a little bit on the first page.

I delivered them on Thursday so I could see the Open Textile Exhibition. It was a really good mix of styles and techniques. I wish I'd gone earlier so I could have recommended it to you but it finishes today I think.

I've made a bit of a decision about blogging. I have Google reader so I can keep an eye on the blogs I'm following, but I just can't keep up with it and comment on every post of every blog I read, so I have decided to ease off on myself a bit.I add new ones every day, there are so many. I am still reading but I might not comment as much. That seems really selfish, and I love all the comments I get. I try to reply but even if I don't I am still very appreciative. (And if you don't have a blog and don't leave me an e-mail address I can't anyway)So here's a big Thank You to everyone who comments.

Now I have to tag 6 people.I was tagged by Highland Fairy . Its taken me a while to find 6 who haven't already been tagged but here they are:
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You have to write 7 random facts about yorself and then link back to the person who tagged you (That would be me) and tag 6 more.
Or you can ignore it.
I must say I had a lot of fun when I wrote mine, thinking about which ones to choose..there are so many!

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