Monday, 6 October 2008

Saying Goodbye

I am bracing myself for a 'Goodbye'.
Pauline, Clytie and Francis are off to a new home.

I did this piece a few years ago inspired by The Harris Museum, in Preston. I chose three characters I was very familiar with. I thought I'd tell you how I did it here. If you want to read about my inspiration for the piece then click on this link and look at my Flickr page where I have explained why I did it.

I wanted to reproduce the three characters on a background incorporating the words of the 'The Hound of Heaven', Francis Thompson's best known and very beautiful poem.

I used Fabric Transfer paints for the words.
I printed them off as a mirror image print and then painted each letter of some of the words with the transfer paint.
Other words I painted with watercolour masking fluid and then washed over them with the transfer paint. I rubbed off the masking fluid to leave white letters. I arranged the papers with the letters face down on the fabric and ironed them on.

In this area you can see the white letters with the coloured letters on top.
I was thinking about the words echoing around the museum .

I machine stitched over some letters, and around others.

The figures were done seperately on pieces of fabric using pencil crayons, the water soluble type. I coloured them in and then wet them slightly to blend the colours. Then I machine stitched the details in, and finally positioned the figures on the background and machined them down.

I added bits of waxed and inked brown paper to represent the marble mosaic floors of the museum and blended everything together with a flowing running stitch by hand.
You can click on any picture to see more detail.

Now this piece is going to a new home.
The new owner was once a pupil of mine, when I was teaching in Primary School in 1979...we didn't know when she first contacted me, but isn't that amazing? She saw this piece on Fickr and got in touch.
I know it will be greatly appreciated and its a lovely thought that a piece of my work means so much to someone else.
But..its still hard to say Goodbye.
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