Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Birthdays, facts, and a trio of puddings.

Today (Well, as this is a post midnight post, it was yesterday) was my Mums 81st Birthday..this picture was taken last year on her 80th. We managed to persuade her not to go to keep fit today but to be taken out for lunch, the highlight of which was the Trio of puddings.

Why have one when you can have three? From Left to right for those who like me , would need to know:Strawberry and ginger cheesecake, peach, cherry and amaretto trifle, and mango and passion fruit filo parcel.

Here I am briefly with not much news because I'm sewing like a maniac to get everything ready to take for a Gallery Christmas Show. I'll post pictures at the weekend but in the meantime I've been tagged by the lovely Highland Fairy I have to write 7 random facts about myself and then tag 6 others but I'll do that bit later.

Here they are:

· When I was young I was very very thin. Twiggy appeared when I was about 15 and made me feel better, but I was so ashamed of my spindly little legs that I used to pray to get fatter. Never underestimate the power of prayer. My request was answered ‘one hundredfold.’

· I always try to think the best of people. When I was 24 (In 1975) I went to Athens by myself. Some Greek people started chatting to me on the plane and said ‘Oh you must come and stay with us in Athens, we’ll show you round..-oh by the way, we’ve bought some stuff in London and its too much for our customs allowance, will you carry this bag through customs for us?' And guess what?
I did.
· I am a freaky eater. I eat all kinds of food at home but I could never eat bacon or a fried egg that I hadn’t cooked myself in my own frying pan. I won’t eat fish and chips from a chip shop but I’m fine with Indian takeaways, and fast food chains. In some peoples houses I could eat anything (except the bacon and egg) and in others I could eat nothing. Its perverse, I don’t understand it, there’s no logic to it and its very difficult.

· When I was very little I used to wear a vest but I couldn’t stand having it tucked into my knickers and being all rumpled up so I used to insist on pulling the excess vesty substance down my knicker legs. If my skirt blew up in the wind I got some very funny looks. (Not unlike now..for different reasons...)

· I love Winter skies.

· I am a wracked with guilt about not being vegetarian because I love animals (Except slugs). I hypocritically divide my animals into two groups, huggable, and cookable. Please don’t hate me.

· I am hopeless at singing but I love it. I know all the words to all the Hymns at church but please don’t sit near me because I join in.
Here's another bithday girl. Willow was 13 last week.

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