Friday, 16 April 2010


Well they didn't make it to a big piece.
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I tried but I must say that I really do like them as individual little gems.
This one has been added to a duck egg cuff and is now in my ETSY shop.

The one below which goes quite well with the cuff is now a brooch and is also listed.

See, they look nice together I think.
Ooh must go back and edit the listing. I forgot to mention the fragments of silk fibres on the mustard.

This little oddment will be joining them but I am just having a break from listing..its a bind.

I had a deviation from the blue green and will be listing this ....

Now, the larger pieces would not go together without arguing so I gave them each their very own naughty step.*

I still call them one piece though.

I think the green growing out of the black is reminiscent of the Season.
New shoots and all that?

And there's even a bit of white for the snow blanket that covered them and kept them warm

I just need a title.
'Unfurling trio' ?
'Three bursts of Growth'?
'Spring thoughts'

Or sometimes I think they are like all the little things that came out of Pandoras box, but they were bad things weren't they?
Someone on TV has just said 'Hope'.
Thats the last thing that came out of the box and thats what I'll call them.
I must find a better way of phrasing that to include a reference to the three.

EDIT: They just won first in the Coats Anchor Award at the NW regional day.

These are easy..


post on Wednesday?
will you?

I really have a strange story about this.
Arlee did hers last week and when I read it I discovered that Cynjon, a blogger I had never seen, had suggested it a few weeks ago.
I hadn't seen it.
Isn't it strange?

*Not really steps..they are little 6x4 inch box canvases.


Mary said...

they are all so pretty.

Julie said...

I love the cuff, it's beautiful and the others all work well too, especially the naughty steps ;o)

Jasmine said...

I love the idea of showcasing a piece on a canvas. Genius. I may have to borrow that idea.

Have a great weekend :)

kay susan said...

Love them all, but special mentions - the cuff is beautiful, I like the mauve and gold and that last big piece is surely a Welsh Harp!
I know exactly what you mean about listing, sometimes it seems to take forever!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

That cuff is just fantastic! I was watching What Not To Wear earlier and Trinny was sporting a rather fetching cuff. That's good news for us cuff makers : )
Love the three on their naughty steps too. They still remind me of the tuning ends of guitars and fiddles.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

ps. Your shop looks really good. It is a bind listing new stuff but a well stocked shop sells more items :)

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Love that cuff! The steps also look good.

Dot said...

Oh - I adore the cuff!!! Will respond to your email you sent me the other day over the weekend.
Dot xx

lilylovekin said...

YOur shop is full of beautiful items, I like the cuff what a great idea.

ANNA said...

I love the cuff - wish I had a proper paid job so I could afford it!! JUST LOVE IT! As always your pieces are lovely.

silverpebble said...

Oh the duck egg blue one - stunning Jackie.

The ink pen and I have been limbering up.

Rosie said...

The cuff is just gorgeous - I love those blues. The pieces on a canvas work really well - a group of three is sometimes called a Triptych which might work, eg Spring Triptych?? Or you could title them individually AND collectively as "Hope Springs Eternal"??? Oh I'm full of ideas today ...
PS the word verification was "sneakey" is it trying to tell me something??

artymess said...

Lovely.....what about the handwriting post have I missed an e mail? is it this Wednesday ? can it be on anything ? ....Lorna x

karen said...

Oh wow!! well done! what did you win!!!

Heather said...

Congrats on that award Jackie. I love the cuff - they do need to be on their own so that all those lovely little details can be fully appreciated. They look great on the little artists canvases.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Huge congratulations on the award! You absolutely deserve it because these pieces are gorgeous (as all of your work is). Hope you won something good!!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

The cuff is lovely - they're all good, but the cuff stands out. Best wishes, Lesley

A Time to Dance said...

I have just been catching up on all my blogging and looking at all the lovely lovely things that you have created...I am always in awe of you Jackie, you are so creative and your work is stunning...which is why I wear it every every day! we must meet up soon, we went to hebden last week and I thought of our lovely day...

Susan said...

hello Jackie,

Yes I'm near you, south, in Leigh. My husband works near Chorley at Euxton.

There are quite a few cats on our estate, so ours just add to the general number. Though if one looses a collar the neighbours just bring it back to our house!

hensteeth said...

Jackie...congratulations...a deserved winner. x

Swirlyarts said...

I LOVE the cuff - gorgeous!

ArtPropelled said...

The duck egg blue cuff is really exquisite.

maggi said...

I love the way that you have used all the pieces and congratulations for the award.

Emma said...

Love the cuff, congrats for the award & yes you missed me off the list of Handwriters! I'm still in :)

Wabbit said...

Jackie, I just LOVE these! And I'm thinking about a handwriting post.

Judy Scott said...

beautiful - I too love the cuff :)

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