Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hot cakes

Yes, I actually had to use that expression today as my felt brooches and little round brooches flew out of my Etsy shop like the proverbial.
I have a little pile of brown paper parcels waiting to be dispatched tomorrow.
I love how I can walk a few hundred yards to the Village PO and send a parcel to Australia, Canada, New Zealand .

I've been really excited this week to have found my brooches features in two other blogs, Hip and Handmade, and Craft Gossip. Thanks to stat counter for finding those.
A big thank you too to Lynsdey who puts in hours of work on Cuteable , and featured my brooches there.

This is one I didn't photograph because it was a bit different from the others.
(Now in my ETSY shop)

Its in a summery colour and its derived from an Indian Motif so I could call it 'Indian Summer', a name I have already used to describe this.
Please let me know what you think of this shape before I commit to doing a whole lot of Paisley shaped brooches in different colours.

Here's another one that didn't have its photograph taken because it got separated from the rest.

Its in a really pretty rose pink .

Do you remember, if you are as old as I am, those lovely big paintboxes we got as children?
My brother and I had some, sent by relatives, each with a picture of the Queen Elizabeth Liner arriving in New York, on the front.
I can still remember breathing in the smell as I opened the lid to reveal, beneath a piece of waxed paper, dozens of little squares of colours, with their poetic names written on the white enamel below them.
Vermillion, scarlet and crimson; lamp black, ochre, burnt sienna, raw umber,viridian, olive, flesh, and my favourite, rose.
Or was it rose madder?
Most puzzling ..Ivory Black.

Thats my response to the BBC exhortations to put a little poetry in my life.
Except for Listening to Poetry Please on the radio this afternoon and holding back the tears at the reading of extracts from 'A Shropshire Lad'

Speaking of black,ivory or lamp, its so difficult to photograph.
The overall effect of this piece should be deep, inky, midnight, but the light has made it look grey.The thread I've used is a variegated one called 'night sky.' Its a cuff with a heart brooch to match.

I was just looking back at all the lovely comments I had on my bloggiversary post and I'm sure I didn't manage to reply to everyone. I really appreciated every one of them.
Thank you.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Paisleys seem to be turning up in quite a few places at the moment, so I would think it should prove to be popular.
It doesn't surprise me one bit that your things are selling like hot cakes!!

julie king said...

i've always been partial to the paisley shape and the colors in this brooch are wonderfully bright. the sun shape is my favorite of the tow. i like the shape and the colors. congrats on selling out of the brooches! they truly are special!!

Irish Kathi said...

I love the paisley..alot!

Irish Kathi said...
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Chris said...

I think your Indian Summer Brooch is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

All lovely as usual, love the colours!

Jude said...

Iknow, I'm boring too but as them, love them all!!Paisley is wonderful.

Guzzisue said...

The big paint tins, loved them! did you ever have the painting book with a colour photo and a version with very faint outlines to paint yourself?
well done on selling the brooches :-)

Daisie said...

You were featured on cuteable very recently too! You do get about!

I love the paisley brooch, a great shape, go make some more!


Gina said...

Congratulations Jackie... not at all surprising the brooches are selling like that. I love the colour and shape of the paisley brooch. Another winner I think. I used to love those tin paint boxes too... until the colours got all muddy!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ooh I can smell those little blocks of paint now. I want to go and buy a set just to sniff 'em.

Love the paisley motif brooch. The colour combination is fab. Definitely do some more.

Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING the Paisley Beautiful shape ,You are Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Talented your work is AMAZING !!!

Love from sesga xx

Clucking about said...

The paisley should sell bundles!so fresh the colour!love it x

Helen said...

I came via flickr this morning and the paisley brooch was the one which made me click - maybe the colour, but I love the shape too.

So yes, I think you should make some more!

joanne May said...

Your Rose sun and yellow leaf brooches are very beautiful!:)

jennyflower said...

Yes, yes to the paisley brooch! So glad these are getting the love they deserve, they really are gorgeous!


Hi Jackie, I've been away but I've really enjoyed visiting you today and catching up! Your paisley shape brooch is really gorgeous and definitely a "goer". It actually reminded me more of a leaf,and I think a leaf brooch, especially an oak leaf, would be gorgeous! Maybe, I will have to commission one!

Have a happy week, Carolyn xx

Esther said...


Hot wonder.

Love the Indian Summer design.
I was trying to peer at the photo where it was hiding as it just looked amazing.

Will be checking out your etsy shop to see when these are listed.



Heather said...

The new paisley shape is very appealing but must be quite labour intensive. I love the rose sunburst too. You will have to get yourself cloned to cope with all the new demands! The 'black' cuff is very elegant. I still like paint boxes but don't do anything worthwhile with them, sadly - my grandchildren are more talented with paint than I am.

Victoria said...

All of your new brooches are over the top stunning! I am not surprised that they are flying out of your shop like hot cakes! (And I think the paisley design is another winner!)

kate fern said...

I am completely addicted to paisley, so probably too biased to take into account!...I love it, I love both of them.

Congrats on all the sales.

WendyCarole said...

love them all but especially the paisley one

Sandy said...

More lovely jewelry. I like the paisley.

Kitty said...

That paisley brooch is inspired - make more! I think you must be the only person who isn't surprised that your stuff flies out of your Etsy shop. None of the rest of us are.

I agree about photographing black - it's a nightmare isn't it?


Hens Teeth said...

Jackie, if anyone deserves to sell consistently's you x

Julie said...

I'm with everyone else, the paisley shape is lovely, I'm sure it will sell just as well as the rest. Have I left it too late to buy a brooch? Maybe I'll wait for a paisley one, they are gorgeous.

I don't remember the tin paintboxes but I do remember the Paint by Numbers Oil painting kits. I can still smell that paint and I used to devour them! Well, not literally!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Like the Paisley shape very much and also the soft colours of your cuff. Congratulations on being featured on so many other blogs, well done.


kay susan said...

I recall seeing one of those paintboxes outside a shop on my way to school in Kidbrooke. I suppose I was about eight years old. I asked for it for my birthday, my Mum said she would try, but at 2 shillings and eleven pence it was a bit expensive. On the morning of the big day I unwrapped it and I can still remember the smell. I couldn't wait to use it, but I was supposed to be getting ready for school. I sneakily spat on the brush, and used the flesh pink (I so desired that one colour!) to paint a fairy illustration in one of my books. It was wonderful!

joanne May said...

Hi again Jackie,
If you decide to make a velvet Oak leaf brooch, in lovely green, I will buy one!:)
Please let me know if you make a series of leaf brooches. Maybe for Autumn. That would be lovely.:)x

cocoa and blankets said...

I adore the paisley leaf..I love green and I love the shpe but most of all the grey cuff...grey blue and black are my palet to go with the grey hair..I am in love with you do commisions? would love to comission a broach in grey/blue and black...a heart oooh I am excited...I need cheering up and some thing nice to trat myself to after such a slog...look forward to hearing from you...wont be as exciting sending parcels over't border....will they let things in from't other side ???? love and hugs H

lilylovekin said...

I can see why these lovelies flew out of your Etsy store like hotcakes. And I'm so glad I got my hotcake today! Keep up the beautiful work. I love the new stuff.

maggik1 said...

Oh, Jackie! Those are really lovely - they get prettier all the time! The colours are so yummy - I could eat them. And thanks for reminding me about the paintbox. I can see it now in my mind's eye - the word 'vermillion' still does something to my soul!

Linda said...

I'm glad to say one of them has flown from etsy to me! Its gorgeous Jackie.....and arrived in incredibly quick time.
I really like the paisley shape - you should definitely make more.
I agree with Joanne May too....a velvet oak leaf would be rather yummy...
Linda xx

hippopip said...

The Paisley shape is great, and my my you have been industrious I wish I had your energy

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.