Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Since coming home from our unexpected trip I have been desperate to get back into my sewing room, but I knew I had this task awaiting me.
A problem to be solved.
How to line and 'zip' this felt bag.

I made it ages ago trying, as I said before , to incorporate my usual embroidery style into felt.
Its just not possible to do the embroidery as part of the pre felt process because the velvet needs to be tumble dried to get a good finish, so I stitched it onto a strip of felt and used the embellisher to attach it to the bag.

Then added a decorative flower stitched on by hand.

There are lines and obvious separateness but I quite like that aspect.
The biggest problem is the lining and adding a zip in a professional way . I think I got it in principle. Its a piece of lining fabric..not rubber as it may seem in the picture!

It took so long, if I sell it on ETSY it will be fiendishly expensive.
I've got one in pink, one in lilac and a duck egg one too.

When I'd finished wrestling with that I had a bit of fun with some HUGE brooches..I mean HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.
Would you dare to wear one?
At least 5 inches high.

Even more wacky and wild.

It was such a joyous process.

Then I calmed myself down with some pinkness.
Which I have to say is a much prettier colour in reality than this photo shows;
The velvet is a beautiful rich cerise.

Not a bit orangey like this picture.

Then I finished with blue.The centre is beautiful deep rich turquoise and indigo.


While I was doing this I was listening to the afternoon play on Radio 4.

Setting the scene #I
When I was a teenager I saw a tv film of a ghost story by MR James called 'Whistle and I'll come to You My Lad'. It was the most frightening thing I have ever seen on TV and always comes into my head when I stay in a B&B because the scary bit was in such a place. I have not forgotten it even after all these years.
(In fact, my older son went away to camp with school and was equally scared at the telling of it by one of his friends. Came home and told me all about it and I instantly knew what it was)

Setting the scene #II
My husband has some work he has to return to people in Aldeburgh, and I really fancy a trip there. We could stay in a B&B for a few nights and make a little holiday of it.

The play I listened to this afternoon(as well as being quite creepy in itself) informed me that #I took place in the proposed venue in #II!!!!!!
M.R. James based all his Ghost stories on Aldeburgh.

How can I go now?

Now I have to prepare myself for a sad event.
The last ever episode of ER.
I think I've seen every one.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm suffering from sensory overload after seeing all the wonderful colours and imagining the textures in these pieces. Yum!!

Kim said...

Oooh, creepy ghost stories, I'm not sure I could stay under those circumstances either! I love the felt bag and those brooches are gorgeous :)

I've not seen ER for years, which is a shame, but it was on too late when I needed my sleep!!!

Kim x

Julie said...

Zips scare the wotsit out of me so I think you've done well. The bag is gorgeous and I love the wacky brooches.

I watched a TV ghost play years ago that I couldn't shake off for weeks, it was called 'The Stone Tapes' I think. Sounds as tho someone's trying to tell you something!

The world won't be the same without ER. I used to watch years ago but I fell by the wayside.

Aussie Jo said...

Love your funky felting and embroidery, the green bag is gorgeous.
I have just finished scrolling through your posts over the last two days after subscribing, felt compelled to comment, although blogger annoys me by making me sign up again every few days. Have a great day

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Love the applied strip look on the bag! Those large broaches would look super on a bag...or a pillow...or a handmade book cover... or ...well, you get the idea: They're just gorgeous!

Victoria said...

The bag is great and those brooches are FAB! I love the big size!!

I am a sucker for a good ghost story, but afterwards always regret it... I can stay scared for years! I could stay in the B&B as long as I was never, ever left alone by my hubby. And I would have to sleep with the lights on and one eye open!

alice c said...

Omigoodness - I had forgotten all about ER - I used to be a fanatical fan.

Gina said...

Love that bag - if it had been me I would have been totally lazy and not bothered to line it or put in a zip! I'd forgotten about ER. I never used to miss an episode then I met Stewart and it fell by the wayside. Aldeburgh is too beautiful to let a ghost story put you off!

Hens Teeth said...

Jackie, you never fail to surprise and make my mouth water with your stunning work...oh that bag! It brings out the greed in me!
Go away and have a lovely time!

Menopausal musing said...

Lining bags is a nightmare, isn't it? I have a design I have done a few times and always mean to write instructions to myself for the next time, but never do!. Loved the assorted content of this post....... and ER was never the same after the slightly gorgeous George Clooney left. . sigh...x

Linda said...

Oh that bag is my absolute most favourite colour - I love it!!! The embroidery and flower just finish it off to perfection. The brooches are luscious, especially the huge blue and green one.
Fab work - as always Jackie.
Linda x


Your green felted bag is the most exciting thing I have seen in ages!!
Absolutely gorgeous!


ps. don't go there!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

OMG! Jacky that bag is stunning! And the brooches. You always fret about your photos but the pink velvet looks gorgeous.

Oooh decisions, decisions... To go to Aldeburgh or not. It's just too spooky for me.

I used to love ER but lost track of it when it coincided with something else I watched. Then new episodes were on E4 first and I got all confused with where I was and who was who.

Diana said...

Your bag is just stunning - and the colour is right on trend at the moment, I'm sure you'd find a very happy buyer! Can't offer much advice about zips - I'd take the easy way out and make a sort-of closure with a loop and button/toggle, I expect. And - this is probably against all the best design principles because the felt design should speak for itself and be enough - I'd probably use a small-patterned fabric as the lining and include on it a pocket for a mobile phone... to sell, I mean. Good luck with it all - your work is stupendous and inspirational!

Jacky said...

Gorgeous felted bag. The velvet looks fantastic with the felt and those huge brooches are beautiful. Especially love the cerise paisley one...look lovely on a winter coat!

Corryna Janssen said...

This is exquisite art work! I love the way you use materials and colours. It speaks to you! Great work.

Mary said...

I like the giant brooches! They are very pretty. OOOO, you have to go - what's more fun than a good ghost story? I love them!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love your bag, what a wonderful colour. I like the broaches too- they have such vibrant colours and lovely textures.

kay susan said...

Those big brooches would be great for those of us with a large cup size! I like Aldeburgh too. Right on the beach, in the little herringbone building that I think used to be the old town hall, was a room with lots of very wide, very narrow drawers. Each one was full of butterflies and moths. I wonder if it is still there? it was the inspiration for an rather non-pc and peculiar piece that I called The Collector

Cathy said...

That zingy lime green is quite delicious. Such beautiful colours and textures you produce.

Sandy said...

The bag turned out very nicely. Love the brooches too.

zora said...

I like the large brooches and I'd love to wear them but I think I'd rather treat them as an applique and sew them on a shirt or jacket back than wear them as a brooch.

silverpebble said...

If you do visit let me know. We could have F & Cs from The Galleon Chippy. Outstanding x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

MR James is my husband's favourite! He collects ghost stories and he says James is the best. I'll pull up this one on Radio 4 if I can.

And I absolutely adore the colour of that green felt bag!! Wonderful!

Art Space Gallery said...

The bag is terrific and zip and lining look so professional. Love the contrast of chocolatey, satiny lining against the fresh new green colour of the felt. And as for the brooches, well they're wonderful!

So, have fun in Aldeburgh - if you dare. BFN. Lesley

Elizabeth said...

You did a wonderful job on the lining and Zips!! The first is always the toughest and now they will get easier!! I can see those fantabulous big brooches pinned to the back of a jacket- How cool would that be!! I just love what you do with Velvet- Truely amazing!!!!

Art4Sol said...

I love your electric! It might go well with my new sandals....hmmm.


Those brooches are really beautiful. large they maybe but the colours and shapes are gorgeous.

Judy Scott said...

LOVE everything! your bag is amazing and the brooches scrumptious ~ Judy xx

joanne May said...

Great little bag and brooches.
Really cute!:)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and have so enjoyed looking at all of your creations. They are lovely, colorful and bring a smile. I will be back for more.

Val said...

The little bag is just delightful Jackie, with or without lining (you did a fantastic job!) and the brooches are just mouthwatering!

Robyn said...

The huuuuuuge brooch in teal & lime is so divine!

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