Saturday, 8 November 2008

Update from the Doghouse.

As far as I can tell both animals are feeling much better.
Jools did not become addicted to oversized dog painkillers.
Willow has stopped barking continually so must be in less pain.
(But still leaks a bit.)

And I have listed a whole new lot of things on Etsy.
But isn't it a pain?
All those tags every time?
Is there no 'list another one like this' feature?
I've had a lot of wrist sizes thank you. Please click here to leave yours and take part in the draw.


Sandy said...

I'm glad your babies are getting better. My dog is on the mend after his 2 surgeries.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and I are so glad Willow is feeling better. It's amazing what vets can do for these friends of ours these days. We will both keep good thoughts for her.

I've been busy on Christmas things to stock my etsy shop with as well, and you are so right. It's a pain!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Genie said...

Hi jackie,
Glad both are getting better,
My DH is a lot better, but now the dog is ill, cannot keep anything down, poor thing.
Have a great day.

Kitty said...

Phew, so pleased Jools is ok after the dog painkiller episode. They look happy and relaxed, all your animals (especially the big one reading the magazine ;-) )


Chris' Shady Grove said...

So glad to hear they are feeling better. Willow sure is a big lap dog :)

liz said...

Jackie, yes you can relist things. If you have one like it that has been sold, go to sold items and at the top there is a little link saying 'relist'. You can edit it before you do as well. I've been doing that on my Moleskine journals this afternoon. Very useful!

Liz said...

Sorry, should have said, go to Sold Items and click on the item and there is the link at the top of THAT page....

Victoria said...

So happy that Willow doesn't seem to be in as much pain. What a sweetie! I just love lap dogs! I will be thinking of you and Willow and sending you good wishes, as we both travel this bittersweet road of caring for our ailing dogs.

Also happy to hear that Jools will not have to turn to a life of crime as a cat burglar to support a nasty drug habit!

Jacky said...

Hi Jackie love to read blogs from other countries, I am in Australia and its like taking a little holiday reading your informative blogs on your adventures in the UK. I do love your embroidery I dont do machine embroidery on hand but I do like looking.

Wabbit said...

I have been remiss if I missed all that! But I'm very glad that Willow and Jools are feeling better. My Cody has arthritis in his spine and a very arthritic hip. He takes meloxicam for it and has to have his liver tested every three months to be sure it isn't damaged by the meds. We also give him Milk Thistle to help protect his liver. When the vet showed us his xray, she told us to ignore the rocks in his tummy. Silly dog.

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