Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pictures I should have added in the last post

Just rooting through my photographs on my laptop and what a nightmare mess they are in. ( Does anyone else find that they have hundreds of 'unsorted' pictures just waiting to be copied/backed up/re organised?)

Anyway I came across the fish purses I mentioned in my previous post.

I have no pictures of the driftwood with the rusty nails though.

I think that warmed us in the winter.

Two nice things have happened since my moany post.
One is, that after I had one of my brooches on the Etsy front page, a man called Anthony from New Orleans has ordered some felt pieces, not brooches, to use in his 'High end Purses'.
I have no idea what he's going to do with them but he promises to acknowledge my input, and as he's primarilly a jeweller, and is selling these things at events to help in the regeneration of business in the city of New Orleans, I can only let my imagination have full reign.
Mardi Gras?

Secondly I have been interviewed very politely, for a post on this German blog and its very encouraging.

There was a third but I find it baffling even with the help of Babel Fish.
Look here and here and a few other similar sites. Same pictures?
How does that work?

PS I have to supply a 10 word sentence to describe my work in a submission for a craft fair.
Any ideas?
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