Saturday, 11 July 2009

Moving on hastily..

Thank you for all your nice comments re the you know what.
I really shouldn't have blabbed so please lets forget it just now until something happens then I'll tell you.

By the time you are reading this I will be on my way to Knowle Green to a Craft Fair, more of a stall really .....well I should be but I'll probably be in the shower as I am renowned for my lateness. I try, I really do.

I just wanted to show you these which I will be taking with me.

I can do subtle.

Well, better than the beach towel anyway.

I must say I took these pictures with my husbands camera..its FANTASTIC and I want it. there was hardly any available light and I didn't use flash.

My husband and I have just had a conversation while watching the News.
It went exactly like this:

Me: Who's that? Bono?
He: No, its Colonel Gadaffi
Me: Has he had plastic surgery?
He: No he's got sunglasses on.

Should we be worried?
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