Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Against the odds!

Blogging is such great therapy.
When you are feeling low you can count on the blog community to make you feel better.
Thank you lovely blog friends for your comments on my last miserable post which seemed to veer from empathy with the constant battle to reckless advice to eat cake!
The point is, I really do have to STOP the cake eating and I am learning to be restrained.

I had a lot more to say on this topic but its all gone out of my head because :
Despite having to delve into the ancient history part of my wardrobe and feeling thoroughly unhappy about what I was going to look like.
Despite my number two son telling me he was washing his suit trousers and no he hadn't had a haircut
Despite number one son deciding he wasn't going to wear a suit because his trousers don't match his jacket(but he did in the end)
Despite my husband deciding he wasn't going to wear a tie*
Despite my chunnering and bossing and moaning and cajoling the three men in my life,and my lovely mum, we managed to have a very lovely day indeed and I don't care that you can see exactly what I look like because


I think the answer may be obvious from my very wide smile.

*Actually he looked really nice.

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