Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Brief encounter

Only half an hour ago I was sitting at my computer wondering how to improve my ETSY sales.
Should I shut my shop?
Should I completely empty it, make new things one a time and re stock one piece at a time until each one is sold?
Should I just give up the whole idea of selling online?
When the little blue envelope in the right hand corner of my screen chirrupped and it was a message fro karen telling me I had made it to the ETSY FRONT PAGE!
Here's the screen shot.I'd have missed it if Karen hadn't told me. She's a star
Click to view it larger.

Anyway it seems to have brought a lot more traffic to my little shop so I'll leave it for the moment.
I feel as if I've had a brief encounter with fame.
39 hearts and 757 views for my little brooch in about an hour.

By the way, if you have an etsy shop do you know about Heartomatic?
Just enter your shop name and it will show you how many Hearts your shop as well as single items have.
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