Monday, 5 January 2009


My 100th post has been and gone without me noticing.
This is 101.
My 100th Etsy sale I'm having a 10% off sale to celebrate(Till 18th Jan).
Tomorrow is Twelfth Night, The Epiphany.
The Catholic Church has confused everything by moving the Epiphany to the nearest Sunday which was yesterday.
I still haven't taken down my decorations..and a new one has appeared over the road..

just the one. I had to share it with you.

There are no more icicles anywhere near and there's this one quite low down on the tree outside the Methodist Chapel over the road. I wasn't going to post any more sewing-less posts for a while but I do hope you'll excuse this one.

Meanwhile I've found a lovely new blog. It has amused me such a lot.
Susie's blog. Not heavy on the visuals but the pictures painted by the words have made me laugh. Take time to read it.

I'm on with my Valentines pieces.
Watch out for 'tweethearts'
Coming soon.

Was that really boring?
Sorry..its January.
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