Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sorry..more hearts.

Its more hearts.
But you must admit, blue is new. (Jenny?)

But just a minute..

One of them looks a bit strange...
Its in 2 halves.

Here's the back.

Is it a totally stupid idea?
The 'Broken token' (there's a lot of reading in that link)Just think 'Half a sixpence' (HG Wells 'Kipps')
Do you think anyone will want to own two half hearts? One for themselves and one for their other half.
Here they are on a white background.
The Lady in Wales? She say 'yes'!
(see previous post)
An interesting fact: I have sent goods all over the world.
Australia, Hawaii. Nevada, Florida, California, Spain, Greece, France.
And they all got there safe and sound. Well , apart from Canada..but I wrote down the address wrong and it did come all the way back.
I sent one parcel to Manchester..about 25 miles away from here.
It didn't get there.
OOHH! I'm watching the news and Barack Obama is on...its so exciting.
I can't wait for the inauguration...and the puppy.

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