Friday, 9 January 2009

Heart Beat

January used to be my worst month.
I hated getting up in the dark and going out to work or taking the children to school in the dark and returning home, feeling so down.
Now because I work mainly for myself I can avoid it.
I just stay in bed till its light!
I don't mind staying up late at night sewing to make up for lost time.
Having a project or two on the go has helped to stave off negativity for the past couple of years too.
This year its hearts.

I am making things for a Valentine and Burns Night event at a small Gallery in Mid Wales.

No matter how many hearts I made before Christmas, I am still finding ways to vary them.
These have much bigger rings on them which I quite like.
I enjoy these little discoveries.

I do wish the red would photograph better. It the most beautiful of all my silks and velvets but it just looks flat here.

Willow has been creative too.
I leave newspapers for her when I go out because she has taken to 'digging' in my absence.
If its not papers its CDs and books.
This is what she did with them while I was out on Tuesday, she included the plastic wrap from a six pack of bottled water. (NOTE.our tap water tastes truly disgusting, and I do understand the environmental implications..sorry. This six pack will last me ages..I use tap water for tea and coffee)

Now to ETSY.
First point: I have reduced the dollar price of the things in my Etsy shop to reflect the change in the exchange rate, so its now a bargain for Americans and not such an expense for UK residents. The 10% refund sale is on till 18th January.
Second point: PLEEEEEASE if you have ever bought anything from me will you log on and leave feedback? My rating is 78 and my sales are 104. People might smell a rat and think that 22 customers are not satisfied.
There are no rats.
(But I did send the wrong cuff to one of my valued customers in the sorry, the right one is on its way, Lorie)
Thank you to the two people who rated my blog on blogger. I believe they only change the editors rating when 'it differs significantly' from the others.
I'm a bit too keen on all these stats. Top blogs by Crafters, Technorati, Sewing blog list, Crafty name it I'm there giving myself grief because I'm not higher up or my rating isn't better.
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