Monday, 12 January 2009

A Post with appalling picture quality.

Not Long Till Valentine's day!
I've been working for an Art Gallery near Newtown in Wales and didn't finish sewing till 1 am, so the pictures were taken in very poor artificial light, because all the items went off to Wales early this morning.

I've had these large blanket/kilt pins for ages and I've indulged myself. I've wanted to make these for a while but couldn't really justify them..what are they? Even I don't know. Large brooches or small wall hangings?

I just wanted to play with the tweed and velvet for its own sake.
(Oh the pictures are sooo bad)
There's an extraneous bit of red got onto this green one.

I wish you could really see this red in all its glory.

Besides these I made some more cuffs to go with the heart brooches.
Here's the coppery gold one.

The Gallery is having a Burns Night and Valentine event so these tweed hearts fill both bills!

Again the colours are all wrong.
(But you're an imaginative bunch so I'm sure you get the picture)
Now, I've been tagged twice on the same day.
Once by Lorie my dear distant friend and supporter, and once by Daisie who is probably the nearest blogger to me.
They were not exactly the same was 6 things that make me happy every day, and the other was 6 things I love.
I'll just choose 6 nice things and invite anyone out there to do the same.
So, not counting the family, here goes.
1.Walking round Tarn Hows on a crisp frosty winters day just as its going dark.
2. Eating and drinking in the company of close friends who you can be completely yourself with.
3. Northern Exposure TV series. I watched every single episode and loved every one.
4.Climbing into a freshly made bed into newly ironed cotton sheets.
5. Afternoon tea at Bettys
6.Sitting at my sewing machine with a huge pile of fabrics and threads and sewing.
I won't tag anyone else, but if you want to do it, link to me and tag 6 more...or don't. could I have been so stupid?
I have been reading about Cyber Fiber for quite some time now, and not really cottoned on the the idea that I could send a postcard to be exhibited before trading.
When I finally realised what an amazing job Susan Lenz has done I was so busy that it was quite hard to find the time to join in.
However today I managed to make one.
I was going to design something special, but in the end I decided 'stick with what you know'
And after that I wen to see my Mum for the afternoon.
We watched a DVD of Mamma Mia and had a glass of Baileys!
Simple pleasures.
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